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Chit Pulling in Miniature Wargaming. Is it fit for this format?

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I have been developing a miniature wargame as of late (in the vein of Warhammer, but of course different). Typically, miniature wargames utilize dice for deciding outcomes, like combat, shooting, and magic (if applicable). I realize that traditional strategic wargames utilize chits (cardboard tokens) for various things but I am wondering if chits can be utilized in modern wargaming to determine combat outcomes and all of that?

The reason I want to use a chit pulling system is that there will be an element to the game that allows players to customize their odds (which chits will be available to them). This could also be done with dice, but I am interested in trying the chits out just for a different flavor.

My concerns with chits involve their ability to be as random as dice. Can they generate truly random results? If someone drops 6 chits in a cup, shake it up, and pull, the chits could potentially stick together, yielding similar results each time. The chits I'm thinking about using are roughly .75" in size.

Anyone think chits could work, and produce truly random results?

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Chits would not be used for their "memory" capability. The chits would be reused each draw. The idea is to be able to make a "battle plan" where the chits you have for your army represent how they are trained, and as they fight you draw from the pool of these pre-selected chits.

For example, if I want my army to be experts at ranged attacks, I will include more ranged attack chits in my pool, so that when they draw, they have a greater chance to hit the ranged attack chits (scoring hits at range). The pool will have basic chits too so that you cannot insure ranged attack chits will be pulled each time.

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I think this is a great idea.

I think this is a great idea. I wouldn't be worried about the randomness aspect, you can somewhat affect the outcome of a die too when not throwing them properly, but just nudging them off your hand. The chit pool just needs to be throughly shaken before drawing, you might want to try adding a beam through the middle of the cup to enhance the mixing effect.

StarCraft the board game had similar thing but with cards. You'd add more powerful cards to your deck (from where every combat unit drew when fighting) when you'd research them during the game.
I thought it was a super elegant and cool way to get that research aspect in to a board game from a PC strategy game.

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Cool idea

I wonder if and when this game goes into production, if adding a beam would be difficult as far as production requirements. It would requite a cup, and a plastic bit to fit in the middle. It could be glued by the players I guess?

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How big of a game is it? It

How big of a game is it? It could work for a skirmish scale game with 12 or less miniatures. Having to sort out chits for each model would be too unwieldy for larger scale games.

Also, don't underestimate the appeal of dice. For a lot of wargamers, half of the appeal is getting to roll a handful of them. Drawing chits certainly would not appeal to the segment of gamers who veer away from games like Malifaux on account of it using cards.

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Take a look at "Space

Take a look at "Space infantry"

It's a solo game that substitute dice with chits for conveniency. The pool is still not customizable.

I also wanted to use a chit system for marking critical hits instead of rolling dices, you simply pull out a chit. "Thunderbolt apache leader" use a similar system.

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Good Question

The game would not require chits for each regiment. Instead, each unit will have 4 or so characteristics, that tell you how many chits to pull from your pool. For example, a unit may have an attack of 4, so you pull 4 chits from the cup, and each chit with a "hit" would score a hit for them. Or if a unit is defending, and has a defense of 3, they would pull 3 chits from your pool, and each "shield" would prevent a damage.

I'm a dice person, but there are some players who shy away from traditional wargaming because they suck at dice rolling. But, you are correct that many existing wargamers like dice a whole lot.

The challenge with making dice work with my system is that in order to do what I need to do, I would need 48 customized dice (4 types, 6 dice each per type, and both players need a full set). The system relies more on symbols than numbers.

The options for dice are blank dice with printed stickers (requires assembly, can be difficult to keep in good shape), or printed dice on all sides, with a huge price tag unless I order thousands and thousands.

In the end, I am more interested in making this game as a fun project to have rather than appealing to a larger audience anyway, but I do want the system to be fluid, convenient and overall fun.

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An interesting game mechanic, for sure

I think you have a very interesting idea here, cameron77. Chits sound like a fun element to your game, and they would randomize the outcome of every round per the rules of play you've described. Plastic chits of bright colors and perhaps in a recognizable shape, such as a shield or a guitar pick, would, in my mind, give players an end-turn that they could look forward to. I find that many players love chance, and even more so love to 'draw' something, regardless of whether they keep what they draw or simply redraw chits the next round.

What if, at the end of every turn or every few turns, players drew 1 chit--from a uniquely different pile--with which they could use at any time during the game or during their turn? Chits that can add to an attack or subtract from damage (or even other player's chit draws?)

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Funny You Should Mention That

I thought about doing that very thing. I was thinking since units are lead by commanders, the commanders could somehow produce special chits that are thrown into the cup when the player needs.

I also thought that a players initial chits could be generated by the commanders they have. So you may choose to have your army lead by commanders who excel in certain areas, so they produce chits that represent that. A barbarian dude might produce an attack chit, while marksman could produce a ranged chit.

I thought about doing something similar to Warriors Knights but have slightly larger chits that could produce outcomes to unique situations like duels between heroes, or some sort of unforeseen event like changing weather conditions or a surprise attack from trolls/dragons. But that may complicate the game? I dunno.

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That would be cool

I think having hero/special units would make a fun addition! Some of my favorite (video) games have utilized this element: War Hammer 40k: Dawn of War, Star Wars: Empire at War, and DotA, to name a few.

With chits I'd argue it's all about the balance of probability. What you want to draw versus what you draw

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