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Combat Game Point Balance System

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I think I know where to start...but I just am not sure quite how to proceed with this.

I'm designing a simplified futuristic warfare boardgame. Each player will have a number of military units. These will be things like tanks, artillery, infantry, transports, and a couple of other unit types.

What I need to figure out is how to put together a point system so that if players want to build their own armies, they can attempt to balance them out.

Here are the main attributes of vehicles in the game:

Movement Type (Aircraft, Tracked, Wheeled, and Infantry).
Aircraft have no terrain restrictions and pay 1 move per any hex.
Ground vehicles/infantry may not enter water and must pay extra movement points for difficult terrain.
Tracked/Wheeled may not enter mountains
Wheeled may not enter rough.

Movement points
Defense value
Ground Attack Value
Ground Attack Range
Air Attack Value
Air Attack Range

There are also a small handful of special attributes, but I'll deal with those later.

I know if I focus on one of the values (the ground attack value seems the best bet), then I can balance points easily for that attribute...but then when it comes to balancing attributes' points against each other...I'm not sure.

Yeah, it's easy to tell that a tank with an attack of 10 is better than one with an 8...but what's the balance if you have a wheeled vehicle that moves 10 with an attack of 8 against a tracked vehicle that moves 8 and has an attack of 10. That doesn't even factor in armor.

Any help trying to figure out how to come up with some sort of pointing system for my idea would be so very very appreciated.


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Playtest. Possibly find a

Playtest. Possibly find a good enough formula eventually (like in.Wizard Kings), or keep playtesting to tweak each cost individually.

Victory Blocks of War just let all units cost 1 and used limits on number of units of each type limit (plus most units are best for something, so you need a mixed force to win anyway).

Im working on a solitare game that will be like that, but the player can bring in any reinforcements every turn. It will cost victory points, 1 per unit, but no other limit other than free entry hexes.

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