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Combat/resources for a card game

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Hello. I need your help in a game i am creating.

The game is a card game and will be played with standard 54 card decks, may be using 2 or 3 decks per player. mixing the cards, removing the cards that will not be used and creating a deck of 60 cards that is the same for both players (same quantity of creatures, spells, etc)

The things i am stuck are the resource system and combat.

the game will have many things that are the same like in Magic The Gathering. Player have 20 life points, if he loose the 20 points, he looses the game. Tha game will have creatures, enchantements, and "instants" cards, played anytime during your or opponent's turn.

The thing i am stuck is that i dont to use the "mana" system used in M:TG for resources, i want to use an energie system like magi-nation. the player transfer energie from the energie pool to the cratures he want to put in play. In the beggining i was thinking about the 20 life points of the player beign 20 energie instead, but that way the player will loose energie/life when he plays a creature. i think that i need to separate the energie from the life: 20 life points and 20 energie in the beggining of the game.

Other problem is combat. i want the player to choose who creatures he wants to attack instead of letting the opponent chossing the defending creatures, the attacking player chooses who creatures he is attacking.

I want to know what think about that mechanics. thanks my friends

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Here are some ideas to get

Here are some ideas to get you started:

- Cards from hand. You must discard a certain number of cards from hand to play each card.

- Cards from hand v2. Each card has a play cost and resource value. To play a card, you must discard from hand cards whose total resource value meets or exceeds the play cost of the card you want to play. For example, to play a card that costs 3, you can discard 3 cards worth 1, 1 card worth 2 and another worth 1, and so on.

- Set point total. Each player has a certain amount of resource (say, 10). Each card has a cost. The total cost of your cards in play can't exceed your resource number, or else you must discard from play until you meet your total. For example, if you have 10 resource, you can have one card in play that costs 6 and another that costs 4, or two that cost 4 and one that costs 2, and so on.

- Donating to your opponent. Lord of the Rings CCG used this system. Some cards when played give resources to your opponent. The more powerful the card, the more resource it gives. Other card require you to spend resources your opponent gave you. For example, you can play a card that gives your opponent 5, but that will let your opponent play a card that costs 5!

- Simple action points. Each player has X action points each turn. Playing cards costs you some amount of action points. Any unspent action points are lost at the end of your turn. Star Trek CCG (2nd edition) used this system.

- Assigning resource cards. Pokémon used this system. One of the card types is a resource card. You can attach it to your cards in play, allowing you to use those cards. Once attached, resources can't be moved. In pokémon, each pokémon had 1 to 3 attacks. More powerful attacks required more energy to be attached to the pokémon before you could use it. Every attack required at least one energy.

- You must do some game action (attacking, not attacking, moving) in order to receive resource.

- Spent resources are returned to a pool, and can be reclaimed later.

- Players that are behind receive more resources.

- Players that are ahead receive fewer resources.

- Resources are limited. Both players have access to them, and must compete to be the one that gets them.

There are tons of options available, so choose the one that best creates the game experience you want.

Good luck with your game.

Joined: 09/10/2011

I am thniking about mixing the energie system used in magi-nation, with the "set point total". That is the idea that comes to my mind always.

That way i can limit the number of cards a player can play per turn. The number of creatures (and actions he can do in that turn) he can put in play in each turn is controled by the number of actions per turn + the "energy system" used to pay for the creature.

And using the energy losing when a creatures attack a lower level one. EX: if a creature with 5/5 (ATK/DEF) attacks one that is 3/3, the 3/3 creature dies but the 5/5 will loose 3 energy after the and will be a 2/2 creature instead of a 5/5.

ANother thing i am thinking is why not leting the attackar chossing wich creatures he wants to attack?, will it unbalance the game? i dont a see negative point on that .... but i have never seen a card game using that system of choosing what creature you want to attack instead of beign the defender the one that chooses what creature is defendidng.

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