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Combining multiple games in one: Adventure game

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I have 2 different game idea with the same theme that I want to combine into the same game and I was wondering if it could be interesting considering it might feel like 2 different game.


Game combination can often be found in video games. For example, many turn based conquest strategy game have one map and set of rules for the empire management, and a tactical warfare resolution game.

The reason why this method is not used in board games is because it would take too much time to resolve. Also while 2 players are fighting on a tactical map, the others are simply waiting.

The only board game I have seen so far that does this is "Titan". I never played Titan and have no idea of how the game feel.


As for my 2 game ideas I want to merge, first I wanted a game where you could explore Dracula's castle. Second, I thought it could be interesting also to travel in the world around the castle: Cities, haunted areas, mansions, etc (a bit like in Castlevania 2). So if I merge both ideas, it would mean that players would explore the map and sometimes end up in a building or in the final castle and also explore it.

The only difference with the example I give at the beginning of the game is that both, world exploration and building exploration, could have very similar mechanics. In fact, it's a move and encounter mechanic.

I also thought that I could have find a solution to adventure's game problems. Most people complains that in adventure games, you simply go to a location, draw a card and face the danger. But maybe adding exploration inside the location could actually make adventure games more interesting. Imagine Arkham Horror where almost each location has a minimap.

Do you think it could be a good idea?

Do you think it would slow down the game too much to have 2 games in 1?

Do you think different mechanics can be used for building exploration other than move and encounter?

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Merging 2 games in one is

Merging 2 games in one is certainly a difficult task though if you balance it just right, the result could be a unique game.
My idea would be to make the 2 aspects switching frequently. Players roam the world, gather stuff, but they can only make progress within the castle. But to unlock new areas in the castle, they would have to return to outdoors again and seek out items/people, solve quests, etc.

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That was in general my idea.

That was in general my idea. But what makes both game fit together is that the player basicaly do the same thing on their turn: move to a location and get an encounter. Sure there will be some differences if you are inside or outside, but it's basically similar.

Some players could be inside a castle while others are playing outside and it would work.


For the other game example, the only way I could see to fusion the games would be that the world map is also the tactical map. While players are at war making their tactical manuvers, other players can still manage their kingdom. It could be a bit weird to implement but it could be done.

I had a similar idea once where units must stay in a city/fort (for X reason) and when they move out, it's because you want war. One reason I thought is that units outside the city cost you food to maintain. so if you leave your troops outside, they will simply consume all your food.

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