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A Court of Kings.... turmoil

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Playtested "A Court of Kings" recently. Will probably test one more time before making a second iteration. Currently, to sum things up, i have the players reading a scenario and voting on a solution for the scenario. Each scenario has the same 9 options, though some dont really make complete sense for each scenario. However, each player has an agenda they are trying acomplish - for example "convince the court to vote for option X twice and option Y once."

Additionally, each of the 9 options affect these 3 "guages" of the kingdom in some way, either raising or lowering the guage. Military, Economic and Morale. If a guage is lowered too much the kingdom falls into turmoil and all players lose. This system is intended to prevent a player from ONLY voting for what furthers their own agenda, because maybe their agendas cause negative reaction to kingdom and it would benefit more to vote for something else.

Playtesters think that those 3 gauges work fine, but want a 4th guage to add variety to how the options affect the kingdom. My quest and question is, what other guage cuould I add that is thematic to maintaining a kingdoms well being?

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