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Create a Skater Mechanic (Help!)

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Joined: 02/28/2010

Hi there! I'm trying to create a custom create a skater card mechanic for my game, but I need some opinions on the numbers. I need to know if there are any loop holes, if I need to award more creation points, take some away, augment the cost of abilities, etc.

I appreciate all your comments!

How to Build Your Skater

Building your skater is a simple process. First, you must understand what each statistic means.

Teamwork determines how many resources you get each Jam. This is very important as everything you do uses these. The higher this number, the more you contribute to your Teamwork pool. Example: If you have a 5 Teamwork value, you draw 5 teamwork cards just for having that player in the Skater Zone for the Jam.

Block determines how well you can Block and receive Blocks. The higher this number, the better chance you have to stay Active or make an opponent Inactive. Example: If neither player has any Block or Skate Teamwork cards and a Block occurs then the entire Block is based on each Skater's natural block number. If skater Red has a 5 Block and skater Blue has a 4 Block then in any Block scenario, skater Red would win because their Block value is higher.

Bruises determine how many times your skater can get Blocked Critically before they are injured. The higher this number the harder it is to get injured. Also, the higher this number the harder it is for an opponent to earn fan tokens by Bruising you. Example: If Red Blocker blocks Blue Blocker and rolls a 6, he has potentially injured Blue Blocker. That one 6 comes out of Blue Blockers bruise total. If Red Blocker exhausts another Block or Skate Teamwork Card and rolls another 6, that would come out of Blue's Bruise total as well. If the number of Critical Blocks exceed the total of Bruises, then Blue Blocker would be Injured and Red Blocker would receive a Fan Token for EACH Critical Block he/she rolled.

(22 Creation points to Spend)

Statistic Cost In Points
3 2
4 5
5 8
6 12
7 16
8 (Max) 20

Special Move Cost in Points
Guard 4
Intimidate 5
Blindside 5
Expert 4
Bruiser 6
Evade 5
Leader 7
Excite 4
Bolt 6
Push 5
Plow 3

Special Moves
Guard- You may intercept a Blocker who attempts to engage your Jammer.
Intimidate- You may not be Guarded against.
Blindside- When you successfully Block, opposing player discards a card.
Expert- When you Deactivate an opposing Skater by Blocking, you may put up to two (2) cards from your discard pile to the bottom of your deck.
Bruiser- You can Bruise on a 5 or 6.
Evade- When an opponent blocks you while you are on your scoring pass, you may exhaust 2 of their teamwork cards. (Once per Jam)
Leader- Activate target Teammate instantly. (Once per Jam)(You may not activate this ability if your Skater is Inactive)
Excite- When you land a hit that results in a Skater taking a Bruise, you earn (1) Fan Token. (Once per Jam)
Bolt- When you win a block, activate two (2) Teamwork Cards. (Once per Jam)
Push- When targeted with a Block you may choose an active Teammate to receive the Block instead. (Once per Jam
Plow- When you are the only Active Skater on a scoring pass, you may exhaust the opposing Jammer by also discarding (3) cards from your hand.

Joined: 02/28/2010
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