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Custom Turn Structure

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For awhile now I've been tweeking the turn structure of my game Moumental Resolution. First it was pretty linear: Phase 1 then Phase 2 followed by Phase 3... etc. It was okay.....

Then I developed the custom turn structure.

Of course this general idea has already be executed in many games.

Puerto Rico has a role picking element that allows for different types of actions to be preformed depending on which ones you choose. This is dependant on other players as well because what you pick others will follow in the action.

Race to the Galaxy has a similar structure. Instead its in secret. Players choose without the other seeing and then reveal them, showing the congregation what the turn structure will consist of for everyone.

For both of these, players that picked the action will get a bonus for picking the action while everyone else does the base action. This is so intriguing to me and its one of my favorite mechanics.


Getting to my design...

You have a choice of two out of the three Phases on a turn: the Action, Production, or Resource Phase. The only rules are the Action Phase is always first if picked and the Resource Phase is always last if picked.

Action Phase:

Step 1: Pick up a card

Step 2: Execute Non- Lethal actions using Mentum (moving, seizing etc.)

Step 2: Execute Lethal actions using Mentum (killing cards, removing cards from the field etc.)

Production Phase:

Step 1: Replenish two used Mentum(resources)

Step 2: Cast a card from your hand on the field face down

Resource Phase:

Step 1: Put a card from your hand down in your unused resource pile

Step 2: Purchase and activate face down cards for their Mentum Value(cost) using Mentum

This to me is so fresh. Each Phase depends on another and it adds a macro type style to the game where depending on which phases you pick can determine what type of player you are/style of play you like.

Playing games with similar turn structure mechanics make me feel in control but also limits me in the process allowing for a lot of different strategies. I love it.

Does this mechanic interest any of you? or do you prefer a more linear turn structure?

Comments and Criticisms are welcome :)

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Just a comment

I like it. It does sound fresh to me too (card game fresh). And it is better then the option: attack, or not attack.

The fact that you force players to leave one out of the three could increase planning a lot. I think that if you do this correct, you have a cool mechanic to go with.

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