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I have just finished to translate this document: it will be full of mistakes... but I hope you can understand ^^
If someone finds mistakes, please report to me and I will fix it :D

I'm developing 2 kind of games based on D-system: one fantasy and other one chemical party game.

Tnx for reading ^^


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It might just be me, but this

It might just be me, but this kind of system seems like it would be rather slow, and a bit heady for a dexterity game. I feel like there would be too much down time while players decide there move, and too much frustration after they weren't even able to complete it.

I think these dexterity capture mechanics could work a lot better in simpler game, like one where all you do is slide your colored pieces to capture the pieces on the board, the player who captures the most wins.

Joined: 12/29/2009

Yes, it could be: I haven't try it yet; but what you say is possible. Than you ^^

When I will test something, I let you now surely :D

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