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D6, D12, or multi-dice(D6 to D20) in a Space Hulk-/Advanced Space Crusade- inspired game?

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I'd like to hear others opinions on this:

Two of my Miniature- and BoardGame projects is clearly inspired by games such as Space Hulk(the original), Advanced Space Crusade, and even Inquisitor.
One is leaning more towards SH, and the other is more leaning towards Inquisitor.

Even though the world isn't 40K at all, i'm using mainly 40K-based conversíons and miniatures, and as such, i find it convenient, at least here, to use the words from 40K for several common items, such as Bolter and power armor.

But now to the situation.
The combat builds on "one attack - one die roll", like:
Power Armored soldier shoots his bolter on another power armored soldier.
If i then would use D6, then the PA'd soldier must have armor of max 5, or otherwise the Bolter cannot penetrate the power armor.
But how then to do with if Terminator Armor(heavy armor) is introduced?
It would end up having Armor 6, unable for a bolter to penetrate it, even on a 6.

I know there are several ways to get around this, like adding Aiming that could give +1 to the damage roll, or to double the values, making the die rolled a D12, and PA armorvalue a total of 10, leaving Terminator armor only 11 ....
One could even add +1 to the bolter's damage roll, but only for the Soldiers ...

Then there is the possibility of using multi-dice when one comes to less powerful weapons, and lesser fighting and shooting skill than PA soldier standard.

I'd like to hear others opinions on what may be the best system and/or solution.
D6, D12, or multi-dice?

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