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Demon Wheel - Level-less Skill Tree

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Howdy guys. I have another project that needs a little tuning. I've been wanting to modify one of my pen&paper dungeon crawling games with a few new mechanic's. One of which being a skill tree called the "Demon Wheel" , shown above, to replace the games old leveling system.

Used to be you'd fight monsters, gain EXP, and once you hit the desired amount you'd reference a list of levels and gain the appropriate bonuses. It was functional, but lacked the player choice I wanted to go for initially.


Each colored section represents one of the six classes. Some sections have more nodes to indicate how quickly / lengthy their growth curves are.

Starting from each classes "Start" point (the circled node) players may spend EXP to move to any adjacent node, or activate a node they are on. Only nodes with bonuses can be activated.

Each colored node represents a stat, the number indicating the bonus they gain once activated. Red 3 will give 3 Strength once activated for example. (The key on the bottom left will be updated to have each stat listed).

The white numbered nodes are "Abilities" a character gains when they activated it. The number corresponding with the tier of level they gain. After activating a tier 1 node the player chooses from their class list for any tier 1 ability. Abilities of higher tiers can only be activated after the character has at least two of the previous tier.

LASTLY by spending a HUGE amount of EXP a player may move out of their section to start leveling in a new section. Eventually a character will have nodes from multiple classes. The only way to gain every stat bonus available is to complete the entire wheel.

What do you guys think? I'm making it mostly just to have it, but I would like to implement it into my old game. The wheel is meant to be printed and marked. With pen and paper all you'd have to keep track of is where you were last and what you've already activated. Done simply by circling your current point and bubbling in nodes you've already activated after updating your character sheet.

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It will require a lot of work

It will require a lot of work on it to make sure everything's balanced, but I think this type of thing is one of the best systems to use for EXP system. Though I don't know why you'd have it so they have to pay a VERY large amount to shift over to other section.
Final Fantasy X and Path of Exile are both games that use a similar system too. I'd be curious to read your system in full once you have the exact rules written down for it.

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