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Determining Placement order

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I have a fleet movement mechanic that consist in taking tokens from the placing reserve and placing them directly on the destination. Now the problem is in what order should the players make their placements.

My first idea was to have an initiative roll at the beginning of the turn. The player that lost initiative place all his fleet 1st, and the 2nd player then place all his fleets. This has the effect of giving no possibility to the first player to react.

Another way to do it is that each player makes 1 placement at a time. In that case, the player can react but there is no need to have initiative anymore since playing 2nd is not that important.

Another variation is that you must make all your offensive placement and then your defensive placement. As soon as you have made your first defensive placement, you must always make defensive placement.

Anybody has other suggestions?


Another problems occurs when all tokens are placed in the same destination, or when they are spread too much around the board.

There could be a limit in the number of placement or a minimum number of token in each placement to avoid concentration and spreads. But I find the limitation rather artificial.

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