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Development of a mechanical game.

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Hello everybody,
I am in the first period of game design college and need to develop a board game, it's about a story, I want you to give me idea how to do, the target audience for this game is 12-15 years men, the game were a basis of a story which has 4 characters. a hunter, thief, astronomer and tailor that will develop their skills and return home to show their talents to the father, and then go in search of the princess who has been kidnapped by a dragon and as a reward for saving her, the king decides to divide his kingdom and a piece for each of the brothers, since the four can not be with the princess ... the name of the four brothers tale is skillful, if someone can give hints of mechanical, have no idea yet ... make an individual adventure, cooperative or competitive between them, I do not know ... if someone can help me .. I am grateful
thank you;)

Joined: 05/27/2012

There are at least five games in the story. You must pick one to be the main game and mechanics. Adjust others along it if possible or leave out.

"They will develop their skills"
Wandering around and meet challenges. Hand management card game mechanics.

"Show their talents to the father"
I don't know what to suggest here. Board game and race to goal?

"Search of the princess"
Throw a dice and walk along a network of paths. Turn around tokens and look if it was the princess token.

"Fight with the dragon"
The first character to find princess is the first to fight with the dragon. Maybe there's four dragons and four passages to a dragon cave. Adventurer must overcome one of the dragons and rush for home. Blackjack style card game or dice rolling like role play.

"Dividing the kingdom"
Count victory points.


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