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Devensive Concepts

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I'm in the testing phase of a card and dice combat game with fantasy armies.

There's a little bit of fine tuning to do with regard to combat, but it's mostly pretty solid.

It's probably not necessary for me to get into too much detail (I certainly can, if needed), but essentially, units can perform certain combat actions if they have a particular ability, and they roll the proper symbol on a die.

One of these dice is for defensive concepts.
At the moment, it consists 50/50 of damage prevention, and damage redirection. (conceptually, battle healing, and intervention, where a unit takes the attack instead)

Right now, 3/6 for intervention works fine, but 3/6 for healing is perhaps a bit much, particularly when the opposing side doesn't have the appropriate counter.

So, the fine tuning is I'm looking to reduce it to 2/6. (You'll have to take my word that this is appropriate for the game) This frees up a space on the die for another use. And in this case, it should be related to some kind of defensive tactic.

There's three ways to utilize this. I could simply leave it blank. I could add a rare 1/6 effect. Or also reduce Intervene to 2/6 as well, freeing up two sides resulting in three separate 2/6 effects.

The problem is that I'm at bit of a loss as to what the new defensive tactic would be. I've considered separating the healing concept into damage prevention and recovering existing damage - but these seem to be a little too similar for my taste - though it could work as a last resort.

Alternately, I've considered some other kind of non-offensive benefit, perhaps some kind of battle salvage (effectively, gaining money).

So ideally, I'm looking for defensive ideas, but other non-offensive ideas may work too.
Note that these are high-level concepts for a group of units. So individual things like armor, magical barriers, parrying, are all effectively damage prevention.

Any ideas?

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Maybe an extra return fire of

Maybe an extra return fire of some sorts?

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You take some damage but get

You take some damage but get a free move to retreat/regroup (play another card, put that character aside so he can't be targeted next turn, replace one character with another, get a token that lets you reroll the next die that character rolls)

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Thanks people!

I actually had a re-roll as ability on another die as a potential expansion.
I had considered moving it to the defensive die, but then I'd have to replace THAT with something.

Ultimately, it looks like re-roll ability works fine on the defense die, and I've got ideas for the expansion die.

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