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Dice for Coordinates - Seen It Before?

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I got an idea for a game where the primary mechanic essentially boils down to this:

1. Players roll 4d8.
2. Players take turns putting a die by a row or column on the edge of a chess board-style grid that corresponds to the number rolled (e.g., you roll a 3, you can put that die by the 3rd row or 3rd column).
3. Once another player places a die that intersects with another die, the tile on that spot is turned up and players take a share of the resources shown.

I feel like I've seen this before, but can't place it or find it anywhere online. Feedback appreciated, thanks!

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Dice City has it somewhat in

Dice City has it somewhat in columns. Santa Maria is rows and columns and drafted dice. Both of these are onto personal boards. Likely there are others that I'm not familiar with.

The shared board interaction makes me think of Adventure Land, but dice don't determine the placements.

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Dragons are placed on the

Dragons are placed on the board in Tsuro of the Seas with a similar mechanic with 2 D6 dice.

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some what similar: Crude: The Oil Game

Crude: the oil game Uses grid and die to produce goods. But the player has no choice as to where to place the dice.

The rules explain how production works (See page 10-12 Assets produce and page 12 Neighbors phase)

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