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Dice Effecting Mechanics???

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Howdy ya'll.

First time post on here. Hope you're all well & Hopefully this doesn't confuse you, but i'll try and be as clear as possible.

I've been working on a grid combat game where fighters roll Pink Attack dice in a pool of D6s which relates to their POWER stat. When a character is attacking another, whoever rolls the most fists wins the fight.

At the same time they also roll a Super Dice with 3 stars on a Green D6 (if they are fighting a class they are really good at Defending/Attacking against), and a Weak Dice with 3 skulls on a Red D6 (if they are fighting a class they are really bad at Defending/Attacking against).
On each characters stat card have star and skull symbols which help or hinder you when defending/attacking against characters you're weak/strong against.
Also, these Super/Weak dice only effect the head to head rolls themselves, never applied afterwards (e.g it wouldn't boost the Damage of an attack that has not succeeded yet).

My question is, what are some mechanics that you've seen which effect the dice rolls?

I'm struggling to come up with any more past

"Re-Roll Any Failed Dice Rolls, Dodge the attack (disregard opponents attack), +1 Pink D6 Fist, -1 Pink D6 Fist"

Does anyone have any ideas on how many options there might be for Random dice effects?



let-off studios
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Here is a list of things to try (apologies for duplicates):
- Reroll any other die from your pool
- Force an opponent to reroll a die from their pool (the may or may not be allowed to choose)
- Flip a die of your choice to its opposite side
- If doubles are rolled on the first roll, double that result (for example: two fists rolled at the outset equals four fists)
- If all dice results are different, the player chooses one of those results to be duplicated on all dice. (for example if there are three dice and after roll 1 a player rolls a skull on one, a star on the other, and a fist on the third, then they may choose which of those three results they want to have replicated on all three dice)
- For this roll only, an opponent's skull results become stars (player can substitute stars and skulls for some other result)
- A star (or other face) reduces the number of dice the opponent may roll in defense (or their next attack)
- Before rolling, player announces how many of a given face they expect to roll. If their guess is correct, they double their result.
- Before rolling, choose a face result. For each of those the player rolls, their opponent must subtract a corresponding result from their own dice roll.
- If all dice rolled are the same result, the player may choose a result for one of their dice the next time they roll instead of rolling it.

I'm sure there are other ways you can have the dice interact with the game, but those are some that came off the top of my head.

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Some great ideas here. Thanks

Some great ideas here. Thanks so much!

let-off studios
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Two additional pieces of food for thought. Both involve Reiner Knizia.

He released a book some time ago called Dice Games Properly Explained. I've personally found this book invaluable in figuring out how to use dice in games of my own and as examples for others to play. There are loads of game rules included. One of my personal favourites is included: "Throwing Sevens." If you can track it down, it's well worth adding to your library.

Knizia also developed a lightly-themed free dice game called Decathlon that has several accessible dice games in the same place. Someone else developed a Heptathlon game in the same vein with a bit more player interaction. Look them up on BGG and you can learn a lot.

Best of success with your design, Milostnik! :)

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To court the king

I am in a similar conundrum. I want to have some cool die effects, but want to avoid excess I am avoiding effects like "doubling." Instead, for example, I have one die face result that allows you to turn another die of your choice to any face.

Another thing to consider, depending on your game, is combinations. So, rolling a particular combination may have a special effect.

If you haven't played To Court The King, I would suggest checking that out. It is a dice based game where you roll dice to get certain results which get you cards which then affect future dice rolls. It may help with additional ideation.

Good luck!

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