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Dice Placement - Collecting New Dice

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I'm currently stuck on how to allow players get gather colored dice in a fair and balanced manner. I have 4 colors of the dice. The brown starting then Red/Green/Blue. I would like to allow a player to go after a single color then all 3 or vice versa.

Gameplay: The basic idea of the game is that you draft cards each round with dice requirements (2 pair, 3 pair, straight, exact match, etc) and a score value on them, and then you'll roll 5 generic dice to try and accomplish them. I'm trying for a more advanced version of "Roll for It" with colored dice you gathered in later rounds. A card with less points will be easier than a card with more points. In the later rounds (2, 3, 4), the more the colored dice are introduced.

So the problem I'm having is how can I allow players to get colored dice. I've tried allowing players to complete a "gather dice card", but that can lead to really uneven dice collections when I was playtesting. Allowing them to just randomly pick/get colored dice seems boring since it doesn't add any strategy at all.

So just looking for new ideas or maybe a different approach.

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without knowing specifics

without knowing specifics about scoring how about bonus points for highest dice count/score total in a color so if someone is going for all of one color, you can just go for the others.

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It's hard to get specific without the game's details, but maybe you can let players buy colored dice.

Just as a rough sketch, maybe a matching pair of generic (white?) dice can be spent to acquire a brown die. By spent I don't mean the dice are lost, just that they are not available for cards that turn. Then a matched pair of brown dice can be spent to get a red die, etc.

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just an idea

What if the players already have the coloured dice? But that for some cards, the colours don't seem to matter? So, an any die can be rolled.

Some cards can only be rolled for, if certain other cards have been rolled. Like, the red die counts as red. Once the player has achieved 5 points of red.

I mean, that some cards give "colour" points as well. Activating dice. So that other cards finally can be rolled for.

A Player has 4 cards in hand.
- 2 normal points and 1 red point. For rolling a 5 and 6.
- 3 normal points and 1 blue point. For rolling a 4, 5 and 6.
- 3 normal points and 2 green points. But requiring a red point plus rolling 4, 5 and 6. One of the dice has to be red.
- 5 normal points. But requiring 2 green points plus rolling 3 times a 4. One of the dice needs to be green.

Players need to choose wisely, to open up the possibilities to more cards.
You could also add something along the lines of trading cards with other players.

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Dice as rewards

What if by completing some of the cards the players get a coloured dice as a reward?

If you complete x type of card you receive y coloured dice

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More Drafting

You already use the drafting mechanic for cards. Why not try doing the same for dice?

For example, each player could pull a certain number of dice from a pouch. They select one, and pass the rest to the player on their left. Continue until all dice have been selected.

An alternative that still uses drafting is to have tokens in the bag. Each token depicts a pair of dice they would collect from the central pool when they select and reveal that token.

If you add scarcity of certain dice to the game, then selecting tokens can become a critical choice. For example, a player has a choice between a token with red and blue dice on it, or a token with green and white dice on it. All blue dice have been collected already, but the red die will be useful for a card the player had previously selected. Will they choose the quantity of dice (green and white) or the essential dice (red)?

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Dice Drafting

Let-off suggested drafting the dice. Another mechanic used to great effect in a few games (Seasons comes to mind) is drafting pre-rolled die. So you roll the colored die in the center in certain rounds, and then players take turns drafting the die, which they MUST use with the current number rolled. Then they roll their non-colored dice and have to combine.

This is even more strategic if the dice draft happens before the card draft, as now you have a goal going into the card draft (e.g. If I have a red 3 I want cards with either reds or 3s or both)

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