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Dice to thematically feel like bullets in a shooting game.

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I don't have a game in mind, but for a western or some shooting game, I thought it would feel particularly thematic to toss lots of small d6s when shooting a shotgun.

Or use these bullet shaped dice when shooting other guns etc:

Has anything like this been done before?

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Not sure, but if you had some

Not sure, but if you had some custom dice cut with bullets instead of pips, you might have a fun little game where you roll the dice and whichever player has the bullet pips pointed at them takes the hits; something silly like "Spray and Pray" or "Run and Gun" or "Shootout Sid and the Inifinty Clip!"

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Warhammer has been using bullet "to hit" dice, and commanders usually roll 2 or more dice to hit, which results in large armies rolling tons of dice.

Maybe not the most exact example, but still similar to your thought.

I know there are other examples., but this one immediately comes to mind.

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