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Doctors Without Borders Game Board - need better mechanics

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Hello all!

This is a prototype I designed for MSF (Medicines Sins Frontiere) based on their ongoing campaign: NotATarget.

It's been playtested by 20 members of the charity, more details about the feedback are below, at the very bottom.

Basically, we will have to change the whole existing game mechanics and we need volunteer help to incorporate such changes in the game. It doesn't matter if we have to change the existing design. We just want to create a game that is fun to play and at the same time raise awareness of the risks civilians and aid workers face in conflict zones.

Please help this cause. MSF is a great organization that help millions of people in need. This will also look great on your CV, portfolio.

Game: NotaTarget Game, for 2 to 4 players
Player = MSF Volunteer

Objective: The object of the game is to reach the end by moving across the board from square one to the final square (77, Hospital), with the highest number of tokens/ rewards (medical supply and equipment).

How to play: Each player has to alternately roll the die, pick up their game piece (or pawn) and move forward that number of spaces on the board*, following the order: 1st Green pawn, 2nd Blue, 3rd Pink and 4th Yellow.
All players must get to the centre of the board and compare their total of tokens, wins the one with the highest number. If 2 or more players have the same amount of tokens, wins the one who got to the centre of the board (Hospital) first.

* Unless stated by the board

Important Note: Players can only collect token or penalty of pawn lands on that specific space. Players can only move forward on the numbered pathway unless stated by the board.

Feedback from playtesting:
1) The game lacks threat, there is no sense of urgency
2) The game needs more collaboration. It needs interaction between players, maybe exchange a number of tokens to save a patient. Maybe create teams, and establish tasks for each team.
3) Add element of decision making. Create consequences to that decision.
4) Add element of the patient (or patients). For example, a patient needs treatment so player can use token to deliver treatment
5) Add element of an outbreak where a player (or a team) can save an entire village with three tokens for example.
6) Reward the first person who gets to the centre of the board. Get to the centre first as a winning element.
7) Create a special token that can save lives. Maybe start the game with a set of tokens.
8) Land on a spot that you can choose a different pathway to go
9) Do not use "go back" squares but lose a token

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