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Fantasy Fighting System- From Mechanics to Full Game

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I've had many ideas for a card game I'm developing, however all of my ideas seem to lose strength after I try to move the mechanics into a fully functional game.

The concept is a 1v1 fantasy combat. Players will be able to customize their deck to represent warriors of vastly different fighting styles, from Lava Knights to Sonic Mages, I plan on having a great amount of diversity.

I'd love it if you'd help me brainstorm ways to solidify my favorites of the mechanics into something more than just mechanic concepts.

IDEA 1- Focus Zones
Players have 9 focus points and 3 zones for their focus, offensive, defensive, and special. Players start the game with their focus points assigned however they wish to their 3 zones. There could be some limitations to switching focus around between the zones. Cards would require a certain amount of focus in their specific zone in order to play them. I like this idea as it is a resource management of a different sort. Your aren't managing usage of resources in the normal sense of expenditure or building up, as you always have the same amount, but you do manage how those resources are assigned.

IDEA 2- Form Sequence
Alongside building a deck, players also build their 'form' deck. This deck is not shuffled and players have access to all of their forms at all times. Forms represent the fighter's combat knowledge and what they are capable of. During a player's turn, they are able to play one form at the end of their sequence (If a form is already in the sequence, then a player must wait for it to cycle out before playing it again, cards cycle out at end of turn if they are the oldest card in a sequence with more than 3 cards). A player's sequence represents their momentum in combat. Cards have a momentum requirement as well as an activation cost to play. You must have the right forms in the right order in your sequence to satisfy a card's momentum requirement, and the form you play on the turn you wish to play a card has to be that card's activation cost. To give you an example of where I've headed with this, I've come up with the following forms so far; Strike, Block, Direct, Energize, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, & Void. You'd have a max of 6 cards in your form deck, and you could choose more than one of the same form. Your form deck will then determine which cards you put in your main deck, as you wouldn't put anything in there that you could never play.

IDEA 3- Life & Energy
this idea is one that I had combined with my form sequence idea, but it's worth mentioning on its own. Players have X life and X energy at the start of the game. If your life drops to 0, you lose (as with most games using hit points of some sort). Cards you play cost energy. If you run out of energy, you won't be able to play many of your cards. You gain a small amount of energy back every turn and potentially have the choice of actions that can speed up your energy recovery. This idea was inspired by the many video games that utilize both hit points and mana/stamina. When your life runs out your character dies, but you must also monitor your mana/stamina, because if it runs out, you will become more vulnerable and incapable of many actions.

IDEA 4- Multi-Function Cards
lastly (for now), this idea involves every card having values for each possible use you may have for it. So for instance say that combat works as follows- play a stance, play an attack, play a block, play an ability. Every card would have a stance value, attack value, block value, and a special ability. Your final combat effectiveness is determined by how you choose to order and combo your cards. The idea here would be that players take turns playing sets of cards trying to achieve higher combat effectiveness than their opponent did last turn.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read through all this, and I greatly appreciate any thoughts you may have.

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Form/Zone suggestion


Could your Form cards feed the Focus Zone cards? For example, Monkey Form adds 2 points to Defense and 1 point to Offense? This would allow players to adjust their style as the fight continues by adding new forms and would make Focus Zone management part of the normal game play (rather than a sub phase).

I believe this would still work with all of your other ideas (including the 9 point/3 zone limit) and might open the door to certain strikes/blocks adding to your zone totals.

Could your zone totals be the same as your energy totals or do you picture them as being independent? I believe either approach would work, but I would be concerned that managing form, zones, energy and momentum might be a touch overwhelming even for a detailed combat game.

It sounds like you are off to a good start - good luck with your design!

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I don't think I explained

I don't think I explained myself clearly enough.
All of these ideas aren't intended to be used together.
While I do plan on seeing how some can be combined, my main goal is to take all of these mechanics and find what ways they can be utilized in a game, and from there whittle away until one of them begins to shine over the others.

A few more brainstorms...

One idea I had was to make a round based system in which players 'share' the turn going back and forth in each phase within the round.

I also have been thinking of establishing quick bouts of combat in which the winner can obtain momentum within the fight, and once a certain amount of momentum is achieved, winning again is the 'final blow' and you win the game.

Lastly, I like your idea that the cards you play determine your focus zones. I had a similar idea that I need to type up in a concise form so it will make sense before posting it here.

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