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Fighting in a Space Ship

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Hi all!

I'm making a game about playing space pirates boarding a derelict dreadnought and finding it crawling with enemies. The players move from room to room fighting enemies with guns and melee weapons, collecting loot and gaining new abilities (deckbuilding). I've got a pretty good system worked out so far, but I'm looking to shake things up a bit.

When the players enter a room, they'll draw an event card. I'm trying to think of interesting environmental hazards. For example, there could be a turret for players to hack, a plasma leak that deals damage, a force field blocking access, or conveniently placed explosive barrels.

Any more ideas would be much appreciated. I can elaborate on anything if needed.


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You should check out

Sold on The Game Crafter (TGC), "The Captain is Dead":

It's the opposite of your idea, Aliens are boarding YOUR ship and well, as you know, the Captain is Dead!

There is also a 2nd version where the ship is set adrift... Anyways your idea sounds very similar.

Oh yeah and just because it's sold on TGC doesn't mean anything. This game, The Captain is Dead, looks AWESOME in a Pandemic sort of way.

A good review:

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Space Hulk - Death Angel

Have a look at the Space Hulk - Death Angel game:

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Have you dealt with the

Have you dealt with the really bad idea that using guns in a spaceship would be? You know, the whole "hull integrity" issue that spaceship engineers are always whining about? :-)

In that vein, you could have a room that has a slow leak to the outside. When they open the door, there's a huge whoosh of air into the room, carrying them with it, followed closely by vacuum doors closing behind them. The air in the room would start dangerously thin and be getting thinner by the second until they plug the leak. (This would be an argument for having at least one person always suited up, so he stays conscious in all the decompression scenarios, but that would probably give him a penalty to every other activity he would want to do.)

You could have various forms of lock-down rooms, such as the antechamber to the admiral's office suite. The lock-down would be on automatic, locking them in as a voice informs them to stay calm and wait for the security check (which is, of course, never coming). The more serious of these could have knock-out gas released, at least once they start trying to monkey with the locks.

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Honestly I'm just pretty much

Honestly I'm just pretty much ignoring it. I'm thinking advanced technology like Halo or Star Wars where they don't really care about things like that.

I like the idea of the room leaking oxygen though. I could probably figure something out with that. The game though is pretty much entirely combat. You move from room to room cutting down waves of enemies, so there isn't really a place for one person to have a space suit on. Knock out gas is a fun idea too. Thanks!

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Well, if you've got advanced

Well, if you've got advanced tech, then you must have artificial gravity. So have a room where the artificial gravity goes wonky. The players get a little way through the room and they roll a die to determine which direction is now "down." e.g.

1 = door you entered
2 = your original down
3 = your original left
4 = your original right
5 = your original up
6 = exit door

So they take damage any time it transitions between 1 and 6, between 2 and 5, and between 3 and 4. (These are the transitions in which they fall the length, height, or width of the room.)

To get out, they need:

6 followed by 2 (automatic -- they're thrown against the right place, and deposited where the door is easily accessible)

two 2's in a row (also automatic -- they run to the right place and the door stays easily accessible just long enough)

6 or 2 followed by 3 or 4 plus a skill check (They are in the right place, but the door is sideways and hard to reach.)

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