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Fixed or Variable Turn Order ?

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I'm toying with these two concepts :
- fixed turn order
- variable turn order

My game is a 2 players game.
To perform actions and add bonuses to their combat stat, the players have a hand of card. Both values ( Action / Combat ) are featured on the cards.
As I'm "talking" the game flow is : at the beginning of a new turn, the players can replenish their hands of cards up to their limit.

The various playtests of the game brought me to the conclusion that, sometimes, the first player ( determined through a bidding system ) gets a probably too big advantage... he can strike first because of his initiative...

To avoid that, I thought of something like this :
-Player A plays a Action3 card. He decides to move a Troop ( 1AP ) into an enemy area and declare the fight ( 1AP )
- the combat starts.. both players use a Combat card and so on... end of the fight.

With the "fixed turn order" system, Player A should now play a new Action card if he wanted to, and may attack again, etc...

What about allowing Player B to act right now ? Not just as a reaction to the attack, but a regular action ?

Do you think this is something that could be done ?
Do you think there should be a condition for Player B ? ( he can play an Action card... but the Action card or cardS should be of a superior value of what Player A played previously ? - in this case Player A played an Action3 card... Player B should put an Action3 or more into play to get the opportunity to play.... )

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For those of you joining us now...

Before the commercial break we discussed action points, now Le Renard will walk us through the pros- and cons of variable turn order. Back to you Mr. Fox!

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Joined: 10/08/2010
Ahah! To be clear ( with

To be clear ( with myself ^^ ), a "fixed game turn" is, to me at last : when all players do their full set of Actions in a fixed and predictable order... whereas a "variable order" is when players can act almost simultaneously, or at least interrupts their opponent's action by reacting themselves to the current situation, etc...

Well, I have this feeling that the "fixed game turns" has something that really doesn't match the atmosphere of the game...
As a player, I guess I'd like to have some possibilities of reaction if my opponent is the first player and reduces my previous turn's efforts to nothing.
So I thought that I may try something like Players takes turns alternatively until the exhaustion of their hand of cards. When one player has no more Action cards, he simply cannot do anything else.
A player could choose to play a lot of action cards at the beginning of the turn to achieve an important goal or to play less action points and reacts to the behavior of his opponent...

What do you think ?

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