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Flag tiles

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Hi all,

I'm working on this game where you buy and place hexagonal tiles on a grid.
Each hexagonal grid is dived in 7 squares where pawns can move over.

Now as an incentive for every to try and build as much tiles, I want to be able to flag each tile showing which player build it.
That player would then get additional perks when on his own tiles.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions how I could go about flagging the tiles? It should obviously be an easy and cheap solution.
Also the "flag" cannot be too big or placed on top of the tile as pawns have to move over it.
My current idea would be to have a perforation (cut-out hole) through each tile, where a small colored cube or sphere could fit in.

Any other ideas? I have enclosed an image of how the tiles would look like.


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Do the pieces need to be

Do the pieces need to be removed during play, or once they're marked do they remain "property" of the player who placed them throughout the game? You could do make tokens from the same cardstock as the tiles, and these tokens fit into holes (like you mentioned) much like a puzzle piece. This would identify the tile, but also remain flush with the board so player movers can sit on top or easily move over them.

You also don't incur much additional manufacturing cost, or none if depending on the number of markers needed vs. tiles, these could be printed and diecut together in a single operation.

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I really like that...

The idea of having a piece that fits into the tile would be really cool! However, it may be a bit of a pain to clean up; so maybe you could cut out a circular part and have a wooden disk that sits in the gap instead? That would stand out more and would be a lot easier to clean up.

Alternately, you could create a colored ring punch tout that the hexes would be placed into, making the outline of a hex owned by a player...

...But most prototypes I would make would involve using a colored bit for that hex.

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Can you just print up the hex

Can you just print up the hex tiles in different colors? Then when a player places one, he places one of 'his' tiles.

This could also allow you to take the game in different strategic directions. For instance, you could have different tiles with different properties, where each player starts with the same set. Once you've placed your "Mountain" tile (properties: it allows mobility only on its one path, and all mines produce double for owner only), that's your one use of such a tile.

Otherwise, just a disc or a flag that snaps into the hex is fine.

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