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Game Glossary

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Joined: 10/27/2008

Hey there!
You might have seen over on the 'Geek or here in the Mechanics Database thread, but I am working on a project I'm calling the Game Glossary.

Basically it is a big list/database-to-be of game terms meant to make talking about games and mechanics easier.
A standardized jargon, if you will.

You can find it here.

I've enabled commenting on that document, so feel free to take the red pen to it.

I'm especially looking for new things to add to it, as my gaming experience pales in comparison with many here.
Describe a mechanic, name a component, specify a segment of time, anything to do with board games and I will try to add it.

It is my hope that some day this resource will be beneficial to many game designers out there.

Joined: 10/27/2008
I have updated the Game

I have updated the Game Glossary to have a Title field that also has filter views. This way you can filter the selection to just mechanics, or just components or other such headers.

I also wanted to mention this document that I have been working on. In it are described several games using the Game Glossary. I thought it might be useful to show how I intend to use this resource.

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