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Games with Unknown Goals

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Does anyone have any examples of games where the goals for winning are unknown to the players? I've heard that the game Discworld: Ankh-Morpork includes this mechanic, and I thought it was a pretty nifty idea.

Are there any others out there worth checking out?


Link to Ankh-Morpork:

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Unknown to ALL players? Or

Unknown to ALL players? Or just unknown to some players?

Flux has a goal that's not known when the game begins, but the goal is created (and changed) through the game.

Shadow Hunters has a goal that's known to each individual player, but none of the other players know what your goal is.

Later versions of risk also have individual win conditions that are hidden to the player with them.

Joined: 07/27/2011
Sorry for the confusion

Sorry, just unknown to all but one player. It sounds like Shadow Hunters is the kind of game that I'm looking for. Thanks!

I'm thinking about adding that element to the next game that I'll be working on, so I'm interested to see how other people handle it.


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Yamahako already mentioned

Yamahako already mentioned Fluxx from Looney Labs, but they have a number of others which also have hidden goals per player:

In Aquarius and their new release Seven Dragons, each player has one of the five elements/colors as their secret goal, and are attempting to create a set of 7 conected tiles with that element.

In Chrononauts each player has three possible ways to win. Two are secret, and one is open. They have a Secret Identity, and are attempting to get back to their original Timelline. They also have a Secret Mission to collect a specific set of artifacts from the past and/or future. Or they can repair enough paradoxes in the time line to increase their hand size to 10 or more.

Back to the Future has a similar mechanism where you have a Secret ID and your are attempting to set the timeline up to be most favorable for your character.

Of course, then there is Are you a Warewolf & Are you the Traitor. Where based on your secret character card, you will be striving for a different goal in the game.

Mike Young
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In one of my games, Hamlet: A Game In Five Acts, each player has a secret goal that is not known to the other players. There is also a shared "everybody wins/everybody loses" goal people can go for if their secret goal becomes unachievable.

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