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Have mechanic, need scoring idea

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Check out the screenshot of the video game called “Pixelated”. Starting with the square in the upper left corner the object is to change the colour of the block(s) in order to match that of the surrounding squares. This is done until the entire screen is a single colour.

Take this idea and make it a grid of tiles that get removed until the game board is empty. The game will start in a corner of the board and on each turn, a player will have to choose a color of one or more tiles to remove. One color must be chosen and all of that color must be removed.

Any scoring and/or theme ideas? Do you think the mechanic is feasible?

It takes about 21 turns to complete the solo video game and scoring involves clearing the board in the least amount of turns. Scoring would have to be adjusted for multi-player though. I was thinking "most least" Knizia scoring but with 6 colors and possibly 6-8 turns that might involve too much luck. I like the idea of having to reach a “goal” tile (or patch of tiles with your piece on it) at the very end of the board. Players would be rewarded somehow for getting to it first. Maybe some VP tokens spread out to collect along the way?

A theme idea is still eluding me. What is being removed from the board and why? Some sort of erosion, excavation or evaporation? Instead of colors, could it be distinguishable shapes instead?

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Black Friday

My idea: each square is an item on a mall shop shelf, and each color is a category (clothing, food, technology, etc). The upper left corner is the mall entrance, and it opens for a big sale on Black Friday.
Also, I suggest to limit the number of tiles you can pick up at every turn, so you can also have more turns (if needed). So the rule would be something like "in your turn you take 1, 2 or 3 reachable tiles of the same color".
The last tile is the cash register, if you get there first you avoid the long queu and score bonus points.

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