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hello friends

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Joined: 10/28/2010

hi there, i am new to this forum and i am a product design student

my current project is to design a board game for a child with cerebral palsy. that uses the Toby c12 system(basically a computer system that can change text to speech, but also utilizes an eye tracker system, that can trigger an Infra red link to creak an action or many...)

my current concept is a strategy game, the rough outline of the game mechanics is both players have a pyramid, separated into three rows, the rows are separated into triangles, the objective is to deactivate your opponents pyramid though attacking triangles in your opponents row and defending your own, if he attacks an undefended section it is deactivated and vice versa, once one row is defeated you move up to the next and you have to beat him to the top.

the problem though is it is a bit, well boring, and i was wondering if there were any variables that could be added to the game form your experience to make it more interesting and make you want to play it again. as for a story line that will be added in, i just want to sort out the game mechanics for now. i can post some pics of my concepts if it would help don't worry if anything sounds too wacky. i will work round it!

any help of feedback you could give would be excellent!

Chris Sharp

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