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Help on a auction mechanic

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I've been nearing completion of a light card game and I've run into a bit of a roadblock. The game is divided into two phases. In the first the players (3-5) bid auction-style on action cards to be used in the second phase. The problem I'm running into is the utter clunkiness of the auctioning. As it is now multiple cards are revealed at once from the deck to bid on. Two cards for three players, 3 for 4, 4 for 5. bidding progresses in order. The massive clunkiness is do I have a player bid on just one, or all three of the cards each bidding turn. Any thoughts?

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If you want to speed the

If you want to speed the process up only alow players to bid once.

Also you could allow each player in turn to auction one card with the bidding always going clockwise. This way the bid order rotates and everyone has a chance to get an ideal place in the bid order. (namely last place)

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I think it is the same

I think it is the same problem manny auction games face. As I se it there is several things to takeinto consideration, first is howbig part of the game do you want the acution to be. If it i the major part of the game then let it take time if it is just asmal part then you have to make it "smal".

If you want it to be a big part you can have the players bid on ithere one or al cards at the same time. This might depend on wethere a player can by more then one card per rround. If he can then makng it a one card per time can be good becauusthen a player can not ptimice there round "oh this round i have two good cards and I oonlee need to win one of them". (this might still be a problem forre you ithere way, but i think with one card at the time will prevent some of that, unleess you want that type of gamepllay in the game...)
the other opton is have all auctios at once, will probobly onley work if aplayer is lowed to bye max 1 card per round. Then using a auction like they use in amun re, homesteaders, or cycleades will work nicley. (if youre outbid you have to bid on somthing els befor youre alowed to re bid, also the increas in the bids are predetermind) Also it might be nice to give the "loosing" player a smal consolation price like in homesteaders or cyclades.

If you on the other hand want he auction to be a smal part of youre game you can do the easy one card at the time and layers may make one seacret bid. Here the onley problem I se is braking ties. This you can do prity easy, ithere by turn order (or revers turn oder) or by haveing a priorety card (simular to tulip mania) wich is lost after used and goes to the next player in line. But I am shure if you chouse this option you will find a nice and clever way of breaking ties.

I hope this is atleast to some help fore you...

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What's being used as a bid?

Well if it's being developed as a light card game, then I recommend to always keep it light (aka simple). Just let them bid on 1.

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