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Help creating variant mechanics

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Hi All,

i am planning to create a game that is a mix between a tactical card pacement game, with TCG style actions/spells/etc

The game i am creating is basically as follows

The game is played on a grid (potentially a 5 x 5 grid at this time)
Each card has 4 numbers, arranged in a north-south-east-west position.
Each number corresponds to the strength of that side of card.
Players take turns placing cards. Each player can 1 card on any of the empty spaces.
When a card is placed on the board next to an opponent's card, if the number of your card's side that is facing your opponent is greater than the number of your opponent's card's side that is facing your card, you take over your opponent's card.
Once the grid is filled, the player with the most cards in his/her control wins.

What i am looking to do is to create actions/spells that can affect gameplay, so that similar to MtG you have:

- a draw phase to draw back up to hand size
- an action phase to play an action or a spell
- an attack phase to play a character card onto the board.

What i would like to achieve is a few actions/spells that affect both either cards on the board, your current turn or your opponents next turn.

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One action card could move cards around or replace them.

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yeah i've had a thought on

yeah i've had a thought on thse actions so far:

- allow card to be placed face down on board, only reveal card when attacked.
- add +1 attack for current turn
- add +2 defense for opponents next attack phase
- add range attack for current turn
- deal 1 damage to opponent card before attack phase
- discard any number of cards and re draw same number of cards

i do like the idea of being able to move a card that has already been placed on the board too so i think i will try to find wording to add that into the set too.

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What about being able to steal cards from players hand?

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Ooh yeah that could

Ooh yeah that could definitely work, or even discarding a random card from their hand too. (and not allowing them to draw back up to full hand their next turn.

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Power & Ability Research

You could look at one suggestion at a time for months. To save you some time, investigate these links and see which might work for you and your system.


MtG Keywords & Ability Explanations

Hearthstone Abilities and Special Effects

If you've not played a card-based combat game lately, it would behoove you to visit your friendly local game store and have a go at it.

Good luck on your design...! :)

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Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the links, all very useful.

Personally I've played a bit of the new vs system and very new to MtG but hopefully will find some good crossover powers/abilities :)


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