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Help needed for a hero resource/stat.

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I develop a board game in which heroes fight monster and I was wondering if you could help me on something that I'm stuck.

I need a resource for my heroes that has to cover the following conditions:
1) Once the combat starts, this resource is initialized with 0.
2) It is increased as time passes.
3) It is spent by heroes to attack.
4) And the most difficult condition, it can be transferred form one hero to another.

At first I thought I could use "Time" as resource, but it cannot be transferred from one hero to another. (Is there any concept where time can be transferred from one hero to another ?)

Now, it doesn't have to be Heroes that fight. It is not strict. E.g. They could be either Summons or Golems.

Here is a list of all resources/stats that I have seen in games but none of these cover all 4 conditions :)

Resources: Hp, Stamina, Mana, Spirit, Rage, Fear, Magic, Courage, Momentum, Hunger / Thirst, Will, Power, Energy, Blood drain, Adrenaline

Any idea on what I could use as resource that cover the 4 conditions above ?

Thank you very much for your time !

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There should be more options

There are some resources that I can think of that you don't have in the list yet.


How to use them?

I don't know how it is called exactly. But it is relatively rare used. It can be considered "soul link" or "spirit link". Where multiple hero's share their fighting spirit. Or their mind.
Where one hero sees an opportunity or act for another hero to attack or either defend/dodge.

I have seen it somewhere in an anime. But I don't know any more how it was called.

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spirit mana

Spirit Mana is vague enough that it could work, including the transfer to another character part.

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Nice Idea !

First of all, allow me to thank you for your suggestions !

"Spirit link" sounds really interesting. Thematically it could be translated as one hero transfers his emotions to another one.

Your help is really appreciated !

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