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Help needed with a score calculation

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Hey all

I'm working on a game at the moment where the players influence 3 elements -

element A - ranges from 1-10
element B - ranges from 1-5
element C is either 0 or 5

I need to make a calculation of (A+B+C) x 5, and this is done once a turn for each player.

I'd like a nice physical tool to calculate this but am struggling a bit for ideas.

One way might be a sliding scale where you move a marker on a track of fixed points to calculate the end score
Another way might be some sort of wheel where you can turn bits, revealing the calculation in a window but not entirely sure how that would work...

Any other/better suggestions?! (or how those might actually work)

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Do you need the multiplication?

I assume it is so that you can compare the result with some other value, but can the other value be scaled down to 20% to simplify it?

Or if you can't reduce the other value, can you double it so that your calculation is x10? x10 is easier than x5.

Would it work to give the players tokens (chits, gems, etc) worth 1 and 5?


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I could do either of those

I could do either of those but it would change things elsewhere somewhat

At this point I'd prefer to make a game calculator rather than change the calculation.

I might still come back to that route but for now I'd like to see what is possible

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Translation rather than math

For this I think you just need a quick translation. The three numbers get a result from 2 to 20. Have a track of 2 to 20 with 10 to 100 printed above. The adding part is like any other game; so, a player could do it in their head or count it out.

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thanks for the comments guys

thanks for the comments guys - I had a bit of a think after reading them and have amended to get rid of element B, and multiply by 10 instead of 5. Much easier to calculate.

Playtesting tonight to see how that works out.

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I was going to suggest a dial where you line up the 2 values that have a range (A and B) and read the answer in either the C=0 or the C=5 window (the C=5 window would display a value 25 higher than the C=0 window if the multiplier is 5).

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Inquiring minds want to know!

krone9 wrote:
Playtesting tonight to see how that works out.

So how did it go with a Multiplier of ten (10)??? It seemed like you were not 100% certain until you had some time to reflect.

Please do share with us how it turned out with the new calculations!!!

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Tried a 4 player game with

Tried a 4 player game with the revised calculation.

There's a little balancing still to do overall in terms of points per round, and mid game targets but for this specific problem, I found a way to justify thematically and mechanically removing the second element and I much prefer the calculation now. So thanks!

I also altered the first element to range from 1-5 so the range of the revised calculation is the same as the one described in the original post (10-100)

Essentially I was trying to add that second element to build a layer of complexity and interest into the game but the reality was that it was just adding unnecessary complication during scoring so I found a way to keep it but use it differently.

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