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How much cards on field is too much?

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So ill just end up changing my whole battle system but still keep it the same thing

first i had creatures atk damage range between 100-600, people dont like numbers i get, just look at yugioh, a mess of numbers to remember

the 2nd change was lowering the atk damage but wont range between 1-10 it will go a little higher, maybe up to 30, that shouldn't be too bad right?, but with this new system i removed the defense stat so the atk is only going to determine the creatures life as well, i could call it strength of power, i figure it out later.

So i went of track a little bit, just wanted to get that out the way.
My new mechanic, its going to be harder to make and longer but, i just want to please the other people.

I plan on having different creature types called melee, range and siege, each will battle differently

siege will attack the faction card and siege only, regardless if there are creatures on the field.
range creature can attack range and melee creatures. but still free to attack the faction card if no creatures on enemy side, and melee will only attack other melee creatures but can also attack faction card when enemy field is empty

So i made a little diagram of the battle field, and there are 2 siege cards, 3 range cards and 4 melee cards, now is that too many cards on the field? especially with the faction card, you food deck, your main deck and your active food cards which will be max 5 on the field

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How does it play in a

How does it play in a 1v1?
How does it play with multi players?

By your description. 15 cards per player, right?
I think that a pyramid form would be best. But that is 5 cards long.

It has not been unusual for me to be having like 50 cards on the table. As long as you can sort them.

Food cards for example, if you supply a symbol in one of the corners. People can stack them sideways. And the symbol is visible. A stack of 5 would never ever take more room than 2 cards this way.

With the above, you can have a neat 3 x 4 mat.
It is up to you to see how this map is facing the players. The mat will be either 4 or 3 long.
Also up to you is, how you set up the placements of the cards. Obviously, the faction cards in on of the corners.

And if you need to reduce to 11 cards. You could actually put the food cards under the faction card?

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yep 15 cards per player. you

yep 15 cards per player.

you think i need 2 siege cards? only use they will get is attacking the players card

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I like the concept

I like the concept, but melee units should be able to proceed through the enemy formation. Suppose after a bruising couple rounds of battle the defender has no melee units and the attacker has no ranged units... the attacking melee units should be able to engage the enemy ranged units, though they have to survive the ranged attack first.

Does the faction card "fight back" when attacked (to simulate a last-line-of-defense militia)?

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In my game

On my battlefield map that can hold four players trying dominate the field by trying to fill the field with his or her units , the player can have more than 18 + cards on the field.

But for four players, the field with four players they can have at total of 72 cards on the field. The battle field play mat we currently play on has 48 hex grid locations.

My unit attack and defense;

Lowest unit attack and defense starts at 9 att / 6 def
Highest attack and defense 30 att / 30 def.

My Titans:

Lowest Titan starts at 4,000 att / 2,000 def.
Highest Titan starts at 5,000 att / 2,500 def.

But it all falls under the game mechanics and how I feel on each unit, Titan, gameplay, normal monster on the field and for each playable character you choose from the start.

On my other play mats:
9 cards on the field for each dual play mat per player.

In the campaign play mats:
33 cards on the field.


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Makes sense, I'll just make

Makes sense, I'll just make it that the melee creatures will do less damage to range creatures

My faction card has a 3 point system, each turn you get a point in numbered order and each point has an ability which is more stronger than the lower number. When you spend either of the points you activate an ability that is right for that faction, and once you use an ability, you lose the other 2 abilities and you need to build up the points again so you can spend them

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