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how much maths is too much

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Current game I'm working needs a score calculating at the end of each round.

There are ten lines to calculate which will be shared between the players (but no more than ten)

The calculation for each line is (X+Y) * 10

So you could have:

Line 1 : Player 1 (5+5) * 10
Line 2 : Player 2 (4+0) * 10
Line 3 : Player 1 (4+5) * 10
Line 4 : Player 3 (3+5) * 10
Line 5 : Player 4 (3+0) * 10
Line 6 : Player 2 (2+0) * 10
etc up to 10 lines

You calculate your score by adding the lines that you have.
In the example above, Player 1 would score 190, Player 2 would score 60, Player 3 would score 80 and Player 4 would score 40

Game lasts about an hour and I'd expect roughly 12-14 rounds in that time.

Too much? Suggestions for simplification if its too much?

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It doesn't seem like too much

It doesn't seem like too much to me, plenty of games score with multiplication. As you are playing, if if feels like you are spending too much time scoring rather than playing, you should probably simplify it.

I don't see that the "*10" is getting you anything unless later players need to divide or subtract in amounts less than 10. also, if X and Y are worth the same, why not have them be the same thing?

Are the "Lines" locked in after each one or are they all adjustable until the end of the round? If players are able to, I would recommend each player scoring their lines as soon as they are played.

Is there any way to incorporate the scoring into the game? such as on the backs of cards, or setting something aside, or running your token along a track?

I'd love to hear more about the game around the scoring. It would help me to give you more directed thoughts.

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The game is Rock Gods - and

The game is Rock Gods - and the aim of the game is to raise enough money to buy platinum discs

You get money by releasing songs into the charts - and their chart position is based on the number of fans you have.

So if you have 10 fans then you go in at number 1.
If you have a rock legend in your band then you get a +5 bonus.
Chart position 1 gives you sales of 5

Chart Position 1 : song by player 1 - gets sales of 5 (position) + 5 (legend) * 10 = 100
Chart Position 2 : song by player 2 - gets sales of 4 (position) + 0 (no legend) * 10

There are costs you have to pay which range from $5k to $150k based on random cards and some take that! mechanics

Platinum discs - you have to get 3 to win the game and they start out costing $200k but get increasingly expensive the more that are sold.

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