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I humbly come before you for help

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monkey man
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backs of cards

I have a new game i am working on called Drivin me bananas

it is a card game with players collecting bananas and creating havock for other players.

cards like eventual left turn lose 3 bananas etc.

i see the players drawing cards to collect x amount of bananas to win the game.
each action has a reaction like stun gun make car in front of you stall out so you can pass (therefor negating the eventual turner card)

So here is the thing, should I have every player collect the same amount of bananas or should each car (there are 6) have a specific task like collect 50 bananas and help an old lady across the street.

and if so should I have task cards buried in the deck that can be traded for task cards or bananas?



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Brainstorming in the Way of Questions

I like the theme. The theme sells it for me. But your description of the mechanic is vague at the moment. So, it would be helpful for me to know a little bit more about how you envision this game being played.

Do the players each start with a car?
Is this car a card or a miniature?
Is there a track/gameboard that is set?
Or do players construct a track out of cards as they play?
Or are the cards just abstract obstacles to other players?
Are there any limits to who you can effect with your play?
Is there a direction of play?

Conceptually, is this like Mario Kart, where players are chasing each other towards a goal?
Or is this a demolition derby, bumper car environment where everyone attacks everyone else until they are out of bananas?
Is this a mechanic where you win by accumulating cards, or liquidating other people's cards?
Or, can you imagine a different resource?
Does this theme extend to the characters as well? Are there monkeys?

What about having the ability to throw all kinds of fruit at each other? Perhaps bananas have a special importance, but I think I would be even more amused by the idea of throwing all sorts of fruit... apples, grapes, oranges, watermelons, kiwi, etc... Perhaps each fruit does a slightly different thing.

What do you think about the idea that you don't attack people directly, but you create an environment which trips up other people? I'm envisioning a digital App where you throw fruit into the road in order to crash cars. Are you envisioning a tabletop analogy?

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