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Ideas for Traitor mechanics ? // Insania Lupina

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Hi again !
I'm right in the middle of "brainstorming" for my game Insania Lupina... the ideas or feedback received here are very interesting, and I try to take some inspiration from them to inject some new things in my game ( and cut some others )

My game is a 2 players game. Humans vs. Werewolves ( to make it short )

At the very beginning of this project, even before actually starting to write any rules or playtest anything, I toyed with the idea of a kind of traitor mechanic. At that time it was a multi-player ( meaning more than 2 here ^^) game. ( I never heard about Shadows Over Camelot or Battlestar Galactica back then... I was a total "noob" )

The idea was that additional players could team up with the other ones...
More semi-cooperative feel...

Back then the players embodied 1 character only, but they could have a fixed number of "followers" ( based on a kind of Charism value ) depending on the number of players around the table, etc...

I had an Infection Tracker on the board. Each turn ( each moon phase ) bitten or infected characters would roll a bless/curse die to see if the werewolf infection progressed.
If they failed, the infection spread and the infection token advanced. When it reached full transformation, the character was not a human anymore and joined the Werewolf side.

( Now the human player is not impersonanting 1 main character + his followers, but the whole clan. If a human is infected by a werewolf, he simply leaves the board and a new lycanthrope joins the werewolf clan for free )

I also thought about human players all starting with a two-sided token. This token indicated if the player started the game with the certainty of turning sooner or later into a werewolf.

Well, this is the general idea. Now I know "Camelot" and Galactica, I know there are big simlilarities... So here are my questions :

  • Do you think adding a 3rd or more players to the game would be possible and a good idea ?
  • Do you think this progressive transformation is a good idea or not ? the werewolf leader progressively gains forces while one of the players possibly turns into a werewolf himself
  • Do you think of any other "traitor" mechanics that could fit well with my game and theme ?
  • Of course, I'm just toying with an old idea, hoping that I could find a way to bring it back to the game....
    Thanks for your help.

    By the way, here is a link to the rules and background of the game !

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Joined: 10/08/2010
Transformation & Moon Cards

Do you think the "event deck" ( Moon Cards that you draw and resolve each turn, giving some flavor historical background, sometimes a Plague Burst card, or some Climate Catastrophes, etc... ) could bear some informations about the progression of the Insania Lupina infection ?

I mean, at the bottom of the card, we could have an infection symbol that could signifie that the potential "traitor" ( if there is one ) transformation tracker advances by one or more ?

This could also affect Lycanthrope ( the lesser of the lesser werewolves ) transformation...
For the moment, I thought that all Lycanthropes on the board when the tracker reaches Full Moon gain some bonuses... but that could be more progressive...

What do you think ?

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