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Ideas on writing a AI capable of reacting to players choices

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I've started my secon read through of the mistborn books by brandon sanderson and wanted, as a thought experiment try to build a board game based on the books. For those not familiar with the story of the books; the story centers on a group of skaa, a race of humanoids enslaved by the nobles and the lord ruler for a 1000 years. The skaa characters the story centers on are alomancers. Alomancy are by bloodline almost reserved to the nobles and the lord ruler, Alomancy allows a person to gain superhuman powers by burning different metals, for example if you burn iron you get the ability to push on other metal letting you fly.

The story centers around a group of skaa that rises up against the nobles and the lord ruler and want to start a revolution, this is achieved by robbing the noble houses to get money and to start internal conflicts, starting smaller skirmishes on the country side to force the military force in the city to relocate to the countryside and finaly to disrupt the iron chantrys plans. The iron chantry is the extended arm of the lord ruler.

What I'm trying to figure out is a AI mechanic that represent the Lord Ruler that reacts to the different actions taken by the players. For instance, if the players decide to focus on robbing the noble houses and hide in safe houses in the city steel inquisitors shoudl be sent out to search for them. But if the players instead focuses on skirmishes on the countryside the army should be sent after them. And if they chooses to recruit skaa to their rebellion army steel inquisitors should again be sent out but to capture possible recruits instead.

So an reflexive AI that adapts to the strategy chosen by the players to provide an challenge in each scenario.

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First: drop that setting and

First: drop that setting and come up with your own. Can be very similar, but stay away from ip issues. Never use names from some book or movie unless you have paid for a license.

Other than that, there are many solitaire/coop ai systems. I could almost get away with describing myself as a collector of such games. Too many different ones to suggest something based on that limited info.

Sounds like the game might be similar to Mosby's Raiders. Look up some reviews for that. Maybe a good starting point?

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