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Knizia's "New Tactical Games for Dice & Cards"

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Anyone else have a copy of this yet? I just learned about it this past September and now I have my hands on a copy. After my first skimming of it, I noticed that it differs from his earlier Dice Games Properly Explained (which I absolutely love) in some ways:

  • Better-quality printing overall, with full-colour pictures and examples.
  • What seems like fewer games, but several variations presented to mix up the gameplay of fewer core examples. Including the variations, there are apparently 50 games within.
  • Games that use dice, tokens/chips, and cards.
  • Some of the card games use a single deck, while others use two decks, or specially-constructed decks built from one or two decks of cards.
  • Chapters dealing with the mathematics of probability, combinatorics, and at least a little bit dedicated to luck vs. skill.
  • Questions at the end of some chapters, allowing the reader to consider the mathematics and calculations behind the different mechanics used, and what's required for certain game outcomes and possibilities.

Overall, I'm excited to dig into this and see what sorts of quick dice and card game ideas can come of it.

Anyone else with experience reading this want to share their thoughts?

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