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The Labyrinth

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I've always been fond of the idea of the labyrinth, which is a continuous, non-splitting path that wraps around itself to eventually lead to another place.

I've been envisioning a game in which the labyrinth goes through various quadrants; each quadrant has different properties, so the player interacts with the board differently at different parts of the path. Players can also move laterally to adjacent sections of the path, provided that they meet special criteria.

Has anybody seen a game that uses a labyrinth?

Does anybody have a similar obsession and would like to share ideas?

Thanks :)

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To be clear, you're talking

To be clear, you're talking about a single, winding path?

Basically CandyLand, but more windy? :)

(I mean that literally, actually.. CandyLand meets all of your criteria except that the path doesn't go back through the same "backdrop" multiple times, really, and the backdrops have no gameplay effect.)

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