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Legal Issue – Trivia Questions.

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Hallo everyone. I know that I am allowed to use information like book titles, movie titles, directors, actors, artists, band names etc in a trivia game. But, can I use information like celebrities, Brands, club or restaurant names etc? (Example, can I ask something that the answer will be “Nike”, “BMW” or so)? Will I need some kind of approval?
Thank you in advance!

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Companies love to get their

Companies love to get their name out there it is like free advertisement.
As long as the facts you put out are:

public knowledge already.
100% true.
Not demeaning or a misrepresentation.

Then you are probably okay.

Keep the sources for your facts, in case you need to prove where they came from.

Typically for someone to sue you they need to prove that their finance, lively hood, etc. was harmed by your game. Ask your self if someone can claimed to be harmed by your game. If the answer is no your probably in the clear.

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jrc5639 is correct. Your

jrc5639 is correct. Your publisher should assume legal liabilities though, as your role will be that of an independent contractor. However, make sure that this is established in your contract. In the print-on-demand industry, for example, rights and liability remain with the author.

Also, the best assurance is to veer away from contentious issues that cast a company in a bad light or remind consumers of past misdeeds. I.e. McDonalds' high fat burgers with pink slime, Henry Ford the anti-Semite who Hitler called his "inspiration," the Bayer company manufacturing Zyklon B. Fortunately, none of this makes for a very cheerful trivia game anyway (although I'd play it).

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