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Letter frequency in kids' word game

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I'm in the very early stages of designing a word-building game targeted at elementary school age.

It involves rolling dice for letters, building words from those letters.

The question is about letter frequency. I could copy from something such as Scrabble Express, but not sure if that's best for this audience. Is there a letter distribution that might work better that is commonly used? Or suggestions on how to develop such a distribution?

(New to this forum, so thanks for any help, and please let me know if I should have posted in another area.)

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This is the frequency of letters in natural language, which is to say sentences rather than individual words. Results will vary depending on source (science writing gives a different distribution than fiction, for instance), but only slightly. The letters will eventually trend towards the distributions seen here, more or less, given a large enough passage.

Some more on Wiki:

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