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[Libra/Card Game] Alternative Win Conditions?

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Currently creating a card game, which has the basic and somewhat generic Combat, hit your opponent directly X times and win.

This however seems bland and uninspiried, so I'm wondering what other win conditions for card games (or games in general) that I could explore and are possibly unexplored.

At the moment, I'm going through a phase with the game under a "Hacker" theme. This here presents the idea for control of your opponent's resources.

For reference, you might need to read "Libra CCG" in the New Game Idea's forum.

What this new thought was each player starts off with Core's or Chip cards. That have some form of X Balance Value themselves and that you have to aim to decrease the BV of that Core to a negative value, at which point you control it. Your opponent can of course reclaim it by returning it to a PBV. Then basically, the game goes on like that, whoever either has the most Core's by the end of the game or has overtaken all of the Core's wins. (The Core's might have effects themselves, maybe even two, one active under the owner and the other active under the opponent, who then, keeping in line with the theme, has some influence over your opponent's actions.

Of course this is just one idea but I wonder if there is more I could look at.

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Positive Core?

The idea of the Core is an interesting idea, certainly considering your theme. But giving it a negative value could be too powerful, because it will create unbalanced situations. When I would winning, I would have the advantage of your NBV too, and that might be too much...

What you could consider, is making the Core positive with succesful attacks. This way, you will give the opponent an advantage when you hit them, and thus balancing the game a bit. What you could do then, is that you win when your opponent has reached a certain PBV. This may need some other rule changes, but could eventually be worth your while.

I hope it was a help

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Eureka! System Core

My current win condition variant.

Win Condition Edit – Introducing System Core cards.

Each Player starts the game with 5 Pre-defined “System Core” cards. Each “System Core” card has an on and an off state. When a System Core you own is turned off, your opponent gains control of it. When a System Core you own is turned on, you re-gain control of it. When one Player controls all 10 System Core's, they win the game.

Each Card represents a different aspect of gameplay;

Discard Pile

Each aspect is further divided into two effects, one which is active while the owner controls it, the other only activate while the opponent controls it.

To gain control of an opponents System Core, you must target and succesfully damage it with a “Virus (NBV)” card. Your opponent may interrupt your attempt to damage a System Core with an “Anti-Virus (PBV)” Card.

To re-gain control of a System Core you own but your opponent controls, you must target and succesfully repair it with an Anti-Virus card. Your opponent may interrupt your attempt to repair a System Core with as Virus card.

Also, Creatures may no longer attack each other. They may only target System Cores.

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