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Looking for help for a mission system in a post-apocalyptic themed board game

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I'm in the process of designing a post apocalyptic themed board game where the players will be able to take missions from different political factions that are locked in a power struggle with one other faction. There is six factions each with one counterpoint and I do not want the players to ba able to take missions from the sworn enemy of the faction.

What I'm looking for is a easy to grasp system for missions that offers varierty between the factions. I also want the players to feel that their reputation and influence in the faction increases during the game.

My ideas so far: One idea is to have the player earn reputation points, more reputation points for one faction equals more dice to achieve missions for that faction. The reputation points is also what determines the points you get, higher reputation means a higher reward.
Drawbacks of the idea: Kind of abstract for the player to get a good sense of and can get out of hand if the reputations points get to high.

The next idea: A set collection idea where you know exactly what you need to complete a mission. i.e the mission is to erect a well, the requirerments are; A bucket, one wrench, rope and a shovel. These are items you can trade for from the different factions, if you get the set and travel to the location of the mission you automaticaly passes.

Drawbacks: A new layer of complexity, and the removal of chance.

Short about the game: aim is 90-120 minutes. 3-5 players playing against each other, maybe with the potential to agree on temporary aliances. Hex based boargame with encounters depending on the nature you are standing in.

Any ideas, thoughts and critisism is very welcomed :)


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Objectives and restrictions?

I have an idea, but it would be dependant on what you want for the objective.

If you have players draw cards for missions from 6 different faction decks you could handle winning by players acquiring a certain number of cards by completing missions and then collecting the mission cards until they reach an objective number of completed missions, then if they run a mission with a warring faction it removes one of the completed missions from the enemy faction, then you could add in a mechanic to force players to take on missions from rival factions to delay them.

Just an idea, but I know it is messy and requires 6 whole decks of cards, heh.

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tracks for # of completed missions with bonuses listed alongside

I don't know the details of your game layout, but what about a player mat with a track for each faction? To keep it in check, you could give them a die after they complete the 1st mission, another after they complete the 3rd or any other number depending on how many missions you expect them to complete. You could have names for each spot where they get something, for example the first die is "Establishing an embassy," so each additional mission is helping them towards building another facility in that faction's territory.

A variant could be a track for each pair of factions where going up in favor with one faction makes it easier to do their missions, but harder to do the missions for the opposing faction. Currying favor or helping one group makes the other group less willing to reward/trust you. Adjust the track at the end of each round by counting the net of the completed missions for each pair of factions.

If you don't like player mats, you could set up a score track on the main board and have each player put a token up there and adjust it at the end of each round depending on the missions they complete.

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