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Looking for some fight mechanics

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Sorry if this is a repeat thread, but I couldn't find what I was looking for in a quick search.

I'm currently working on a board game that follows the theme of Greek Mythology. The game takes place at the creation point of mankind (according to Greek myth), where each player essentially controls a "populace." The players then breed, build and fight their way into dominance over the other players. Along the way, players are able to "align" with one of the 12 Olympians, as well as gain "divinity effects" which boost their resource-gain, fighting, and building abilities.

So far play-testing has been going well. However, the fight system is extremely rudimentary, and - in my opinion - the biggest lacking piece of the game.

Fighting works as follows:

Players control people (which can be switched to a fighter or gatherer) and own both homes and churches. So the fighting in the game occurs when a fighter attacks either an enemy fighter, gatherer or building. As it stands now, I simply have fighters rolling 1 dice, gathers being assigned a roll of a 2, homes roll 2 dice, and churches roll 3 dice. In an encounter both sides add up how many dice they can roll, and then roll them all. Each side then takes the highest number and compares. Highest wins - tie goes to the defender.

Like I said, it is very rudimentary. So far it hasn't really been working that well. So this is where I am looking for some help.

I am looking to find out some existing ways boardgames have done fighting, to help generate ideas of my own. I didn't know if there was perhaps an existing list out there somewhere, or if some of you guys could just list some out. I've already been looking at Risk, and that style has some potential, but I'd hate to rip another games mechanic exactly.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys!

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You can find rulebooks . . .

. . . for tons of games online. (Boardgamegeek probably has plenty of files on them, as well as many official websites.) Axis and Allies is worth checking out, and variants of it are used in many games. Star Wars CCG uses numbers on cards as a random factor. Battle Cry has it's own funky dice that I haven't quite figured out yet, having only played on GTO a few times. Viktory II is an independently produced game with a system where you get more dice for a variety of units. Diplomacy has no dice.

Those are some variations off the top of my head.

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