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Looking for some opinions!!!!!

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Hey I'm working on one of our newest games, Fall of Evil. It's a very unique adventure game which is "supposed" to play closer to a computer or video game based Rpg, including much more involved quests, several characters customizations, etc... all while not being overwhelming in a board game. Anyways...... my question is, and where we have been stuck for some time.. is this:

Would you prefer:

1.-------Each Class having their own unique class decks including : Unique weapons, armour, abilities, combat skills, and etc...
- As you progress and level in the game, you can pick from this deck which ones you wish to gain... just like World of Warcraft the Board Game.
Pros : Each character can be built strategically ( work towards increasing a certain stat so you can learn that awesome ability you realllllly want) + Each character provides a different experience.
Cons: Less Player interaction + Less randomness and excitement when you draw that awesome card that everyone wanted...

2.-------Each Class has a starting weapon and unique ability, and there is a shared deck of cards including all of the above in which you would draw from.
Pros : Increase in character interaction due to the chance of getting lots of items/abilities you can't use so you can trade/sell etc...
Cons: Possibility of slowing down the game due to the chance you may rarely find what you are looking for (if you have the luck i do)

So as always, i'm sure i provided a ton of unnecassry info... but any opinions help! Thanks

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I would prefer number 2.

I would prefer number 2. Player trade is cool. Maybe some kinds of weapons will be better used by a certain class, so that there will be trade?

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More a question than a reply, but...

I see one of your points is that when a player gets a card with an ability/weapon the others may be dissapointed because they needed it themselves.

I did RPGs for quite a while and player sheets where you write down all your equipment/stats are of common use. This is rarely seen in board games.

As you are interested in adventure games, I dare ask you why won't you include such a sheet in your game? That way, when a player draws a card, he can write down his new ability/weapon and place the card back in the deck, without hindering the opportunity of other players to get the same ability/weapon.

Just curious. Thanks in advance.

Keep thinking!

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Good Point

That is a good point, and there actually is already a sheet but it is used to keep track of stats...(Life, speed, combat, manna, and will) I love D&D which i'm sure you are referring to, however I think that having to write down the card and its abilities may turn off some people as well as really extend downtime. But thanks for your input!

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Why not . . .

. . . the best of both worlds?

For the things anyone can find lying around/use/ cast/ etc, just have common decks. And for special things, each player gets their own class deck.

And yeah, I hate writing things down during a board game except maybe money in a game where money doesn't actually matter (like Axis and Allies.)


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Separate decks

I mostly agree with scifiantihero, common loot need a deck of its own.

Then there is Abilities (and _maybe_ very special class items), which definitely need its own deck, or you'll end up with players trading "200 pushups and a morning run in the swamp for 2 hours of sword training" (1 stamina point for 1 point in 1-handed weapons)...

Even though it's a game I believe 'reality' need to be enough present that you can't stumble upon a better stat just like that. Thats what potions are for ;)

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Nailed it!


Im really leaning towards class decks:

I've been doing some test-playing and it really is a lot more fun building your character strategically instead of luck of the draw.

However, for those looking for that excitement in finding loot that really buffs, i think I'm going to add relics with spiritual powers that increase stats, combat and other good stuff. As well as throw in some rare (not magical) but unique weapons gained from quests.

I'm pretty sure this is the route i wanna go but Im still very open to opinions and Ideas!!!


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