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Managing Three Decks of Cards

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After lots of play testing, we are now going the route of three decks instead of one. What happens is that now, instead of having to draw into construction projects and resources, you will always get a new resource into play from your Resource Deck each turn, you will always refill your queue from your construction deck. Your hand will be drawn from your stack of Commands, Personnel and Research Projects. This will let the game focus more on the interaction of the ships and affecting the gameplay with your command cards.


You can see the original rules posted below or on

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Without going into to much

Without going into to much detail(bedtime), I am using something similar with my own game. 4 instead of 3 though.

In theory, it could be great. In practice, going to need a fair amount of play testing to get more direct perspective.

My favorite part about it is that it smooths out the unequal starts that end many games before they even begin. It also allows you to put in more play styles that could be too brutal with just 1 deck(and the randomness that involves). You should still try and add some meaningful randomness to the other decks though, just to keep it interesting.

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