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Mapping Character Abilities on Playing Cards

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It's for my Light dungeon crawler idea that I thought recently. I have just made a quick playtest and of course, it went up very badly.

In my initial design, I wanted to give to each player a small deck of cards (20) that could represent spells that their character can use though the game. The deck got reshuffled throught the game.

The problem is that the game right now is too simple to have many unique abilities and special effects. So designing multiple spells can become very hard to do.

But I had an idea that might solve the problem. It reminds me Video game RPG where monster have a list of things they can do and a % beside each action determine the odd to execut them.

In my case, I would use regular playing cards. Each character will have a list of abilities that will be mapped to the playing cards value. For example:

2,3,4,5 = Special Skill
6,7,8 = Special Attack
9,10,J = Spell A
QK = Spell B
A Joker = Spell C.

Each player will draw from the same deck of cards, they can use the cards in their hand to execute the matching action on their character sheet.

There might be a few additional action that requires no card which are either weaker or limited use. Intend to have in average a maximum of 8-10 actions of any type ( card, regular attack, special items, etc.)

The only drawback I can see is the cross referencing. You constantly need to check what card does what. But on the other hand, if there are not too much possible actions it will be easy to remember. Players can order their cards in numeric values, it might not be too bad. I am not sure if overlapping range could be a good idea:

2,3,4,5 = Special skill
5,6,7,8 = Special attack.

Here 5 has 2 functions. But characters having different ranges is something I intend to do.

Do you like the idea?

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I like it. You could also

I like it. You could also add card combos to allow for even more powerful spells. I don't see to too much of an issue to have a small reference card.

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Card combos, I like that.

Card combos, I like that. Either the combos are preset or either the actions are combinable.

It reminds me of a fighting game that use regular set of cards to play. There will probably be conbo in there. Maybe I should check out this game in detail. A fighting game mechanic could still be interesting for that kind of game.

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