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Math/Scoring Help

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I am working on a game a would like a little help with the numbers for scoring.

The board game is a hex shaped hex-grid with one destination point located at each of the 6 corners of the hex. A line across any two points is 9 spaces which can be traversed in 3 moves. A line directly across the middle is 19 spaces which would take 7 moves. Because of the way hexagons work a line bypassing one point and going to the next closest destination is also 19 spaces.

Currently a player scores 1 + the amount of Goods for delivering to the closest Destination, 3 + the Goods for the next farthest and 5 + the Goods if they can get it to the opposite side of the board. Going directly across the board however carries additional risk as Cargo could be lost.

The tricky part that I would like some input on is there is also an option to have your Goods multiplied by the Destination instead of added. So 1 x the amount of Goods for the closest Destination, 3 x the Goods, for the next farthest and 5 x the Goods for getting to the opposite side. Obviously this makes you score less going to an adjacent destination because 1 x 3 is 3 and 1 + 3 is 4. Going to either of the farther destinations however yeilds a greater value, 3 x 3 is 9, 3 + 3 is 6, and 5 X 3 is 15, 5 + 3 is 8.

Now that I have typed it out and thought it through more I guess it really just depends on what motivation I want to provide the players through scoring.

Do I want it to be worth less to deliver the Multiplied Goods to an adjacent Destination or do I want to make it a viable option? Moving it up to even 2 would make it 2 x 3 = 6 or 2 + 3 = 5 which I guess would be good. Then if getting to an adjacent Destination is 2 how much more should over twice the distance be and then how much more for getting across the middle to the opposite side?

Maybe 2, 5, 8?

Any thoughts? I think I just need to do a lot of playtesting to fine tune and balance the scoring. Smaller numbers definately seem to work better however because of the multiplication aspect. Thanks for listening. :D

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