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Mechanics for a fighting card game

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hello everybody,

I'm a new user to this site but i've been lurking for a while and I think you guys could help me on some points.

I've been developing an idea for a 2 player fighting game: It's a fast paced card game where the players each draw cards from two decks; the Move deck and the Attack deck. The move deck includes all defensive maneuvers (dodge, block, duck, jump)
plus stances. The Attack deck contains all damage dealing attacks. The number of card payers can have from each deck and total HP is specified by character cards the players choose from at the begining of the game.

The gameplay revolves around Dealing damage to the other player while dodging/blocking his attacks.
Basic attacks (punch, kick) can be deal on three area; High, Medium and low. Each area have different effects and can be doged/blocked by different Move cards
For example: P1 Plays a jump card, then a kick card (Jump attacks are high), if P2 has a duck card, he plays it and dodges. P2 then counter-attacks with a low kick (because it's preseeded by a duck card). Dodge cards dodges any attack (exept for finishers) and Block cards only buffers the majority of the attack without the possibility of a counter.

If a player cannot dodge, the attacking player can play several attack cards in a row, creating a combo. Each attack has differing combo points given to it and stacks up if not dodged. Player ends the combo when he cant attack anymore or if he plays a finisher, witch is a special attack witch can only be dealt once he gets enough combo points. Blocking does not end a combo.

There is also a lot of special moves in each deck with different effects (ex: Spining back kick will be more powerful and would be worth more combo points if played after a kick)

I have a few problems though:
First, i'm not sure how to dictate who plays first. Should I make it a stat on the character card?
Second, I dont know exactly how to balance the number of each type of cards in a deck: there in not a ton of cards but all of them has different effects when played with different cards.
And finally, Has this mechanic been used befor? I dont want it to feel too much like all the other card games out there, I really want to stress the combo mechanic and versatillity of eatch individual card if played with each other right.

You guys have be of such inspiration in the past and I hope I help too one day.


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