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Mechanics for a Museum Heist Game

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Hey Everyone,

I am working on a cooperative museum heist game. I would love to hear some of your feedback and ideas.

The game is based on a full board similar to Flashpoint: Fire Rescue, taking place in a museum. There will be paintings and sculptures located in 4-5 wings of the museum. Players will move on a grid based board using actions during their turn. Their objective is to get all the art out of the museum.

So far I would like to use a similar mechanic to Forbidden Island, where players need a certain number of cards from a draw pile to discard for an art piece. They will then carry it to the loading dock.

At the end of each turn players will draw from a event deck that triggers certain events. One event that I would love to have is a card that triggers gates to close for certain wings that need to be disarmed.

In addition, I have also been working on a police mechanic that is triggered by the event deck. When a police card is drawn, a police car will spawn at the beginning of a road leading towards the museum entrance. after each players turn, the car will move one spot closer to the museum. The idea is that this will build tension for the players, knowing that the police are almost there. Once the police arrive, you can look on the bottom of the police car tile, and see how many officers are in the car. That number of cops will spawn in the museum. Hiding the number of officers until the car arrives, should also cause tension.

There will be a pile of police officer tiles, and on the bottom of each tile will be a random number corresponding to numbers on certain squares whiten the museum. I am brainstorming movement mechanics, but I think it would be simple to have cards in the event deck that direct the movement of officers in the museum.

This is the base for the mechanics I have established so far, I would love to hear what elegant mechanics/tweaks you guys think are appropriate for the theme.

When I look to other great co-op games, I tend to get a sense of urgency when playing like an island sinking or the world getting infected with a virus. I am trying to recreate that with cops arriving, but I am not sure if it accomplishes that quite enough.

Thank in advance for all the feedback on the mechanics/theme!

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Some initial thoughts...

First, have you played Burgle Bros? If not, that might be a good comparison game for you. That said, there are also a couple thievery / heist card games that have come out is about museum capers rather than just money. I am not looking to discourage you with these, because they probably play differently. I think the real tension is more about not setting off the alarms. What if the mechanics included exploration...maybe the squares around each museum treasure are tiles representing the various security measures throughout the museum. In order to defeat them, you need the equipment or the know-how or both. But different security measures take more actions and time...all the while there are cameras, security patrols and other tropes. If you cannot defeat the security measures...then that is what triggers the police to come, not to mention the security already in the building. Of course, each player has a specialty...safecrack (for the combination locks), gadgeteer (can bypass and defeat various threats), acrobat for (getting past lasers, moving diagonally, etc.). You could also take some fun stuff from games like ESCAPE: Curse of the Temple...where you cannot talk when playing.

Hopefully, there are some ideas you can use to take your next steps.

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