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Mechanics Research: Logging Mechanics I find while learning games

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I currently watching a lot of board game videos and found interesting mechanics, but they can get easily forgotten. Since I have an hard time creating mechanics, and I borrow most of the time from other games, I thought maybe I should log interesting mechanics I find since making a mechanic database seems like an impossible. I started a page on my website here:

Let me know if it's a good idea or if I should proceed differently. Of course, it's listed according to what I find interesting.

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I think having a database to

I think having a database to search games by mechanic is a great idea, but doesn't BGG already do that?

let-off studios
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List of Mechanics

It sure does.

Larienna: Have a look here and spare yourself from reinventing the wheel:

It's also a useful list to reference if you want to research other games that use the same mechanic you're interested in, and how they approach it.

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I find the BGG list less

I find the BGG list less helpful; its difficult sorting through the great games that use mechanics in excellent ways and separating them from the garbage. I have a small database of reference games for multiple mechanics, and when I think a mechanic would work for a game, I go to my database and find a couple games, then I pull them out of my collection or else I hit up you tube for reference.

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The categories on BGG are

The categories on BGG are interesting as Categories. I could reuse those categories in my sorting, still I need more detailed mechanics "Push Your Luck", for example, is not specific enough.

So I might use the same categories, it will avoid the need to design categories.

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