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Mini games - Any ideas???

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What I have in my mind now is something of a different concept.

I had a Worker Placement mechanic to be used for "Quest Adventure Cards, 2nd Edition". And a bunch of you offered your opinions as to what Worker Actions could be. While that was HELPFUL, I came to an INTERESTING conclusion with the "Battle" mechanic.

Basically you put your workers into a bag and draw one at a time. The one that comes out of the bad DIES (Heroes and Monsters alike). This is so cool that it made me think:

How about having several MINI GAMES as the Actions for the game?

So for "Battles" we have the Workers and the Bag.

And then there is a MATCHING MINI GAME which is a simple Worker Matching system. For example: 2 Blue and 2 Red. You need to get 2 Blue Workers and 2 Red ones to beat the PUZZLE.

Anyone have ideas about OTHER MINI GAMES with Workers??? I loosely use the TERM "Worker" (basically 6 different colors of acrylic cubes).

All input (and questions) are welcome. I know sometimes it may require a bit of explaining. But I'm definitely FEELING the MINI GAMES within the game itself. Different ACTIONS lead to different "MINI GAMES".

So far I have: "Recruit", "Convert", "Trade", "Match" and "Battle". Could use maybe 1 or 2 more ACTIONS with a corresponding MINI GAME!?

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Some thoughts

Build: Make a pyramid out of the cubes: 4 on bottom and 1 on top. However many from the bottom do NOT match the top gives you something (points, power, whoever has the least matching wins).

Travel: draw a pair of cubes then put them back in the bag. Repeat this until you get the same pair. However many times it takes you gain +1 movement or whatever or however many times minus 5 (if you want to favor a shorter "route").

Assassinate: draw four cubes and place three in a row right next to each other one card length away from the forth cube. Attempt to flick the cube to dislodge one of the cubes without moving the others. Each color gives you something different but the middle cube gives you double of whatever it is.

Fishing: Draw four cubes and place the bag four card lengths away. Throw each cube with your non-dominant hand underhand into the bag. Keep doing this until you miss. Which ever color misses gain +1 of whatever that cube gives you for every cube you made in the bag. If you get all four choose anything to gain four times.

Scout: Place cubes one after the other on top of each other until they all fall. The furthest cube to fall away from the base gain +1 of whatever that color cube gives you for every card length away from the base.

Learn: Draw one cube then predict if the next cube will match any already drawn or not. Keep doing this until you either predict incorrectly or draw five cubes. Gain +1 of what ever the last cube was drawn.

Gamble: You and another player draw five cubes. You will choose a color and predict how much of that color is present among both of your cubes combined. Each player will continue guessing until someone chooses to call you out. If someone calls you out and you're lying you gain nothing. If you call someone else out and their lying, gain +1 for all the cubes of that color.

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... how much cubes for the mini games?

Take turns in stacking cubes. When the tower collapses during placing a cube, that player looses.
In case the cubes are depleted and the tower is still standing. "good for them" :D

Pick a cube from the bag and place it. 3 of the same colour in a row wins.
Stalemate breaker 1:
When the 3x3 grid is filled (or sooner) a player can also replace a cube. But is not allowed to pick a new one at that point. A cube doesn't have to be placed, nor switched. Or. A cube doesn't have to be switched.
Stalemate breaker 2:
A player also wins if it has 4 of the same colour in hand.
If you think a player can cheat on this. The playfield only needs 3 in a row. Maybe the hand needs 5 or something. You need to test that out.

5 vs 5 cubes. For every cube, the player can roll a die.
Either compare the dice and the higher ones win. Or have a simple roll X or higher for a kill. Colours are selected by the players, but have no meaning in the mini war itself.
Repeat until one side is dead.
The other side has some cubes remaining.

among us
Each player has 5 cubes. And place something flat under one of the cubes of the other player. The players need to pick cubes of themselves, one by one. Until they find the flat thingy. The cube with the flat thingy is the imposter. Once found, the remaining cubes are survivors for that player.

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Thanks for your input!

Following some more "thinking" and I decided against the "mini-games" because it is too difficult to design games that will WORK in tandem with the game. So I have gone back to the "drawing board" and reflected very hard on what "could" work.

That reflection led to eight (8) different Actions/Mechanics. Of those eight, seven (7) were easy to figure out ... It was the eigth (8th) one that took some time.

So these Actions/Mechanics are all about PARTIES (groups of Heroes not the Fun Event) and they are:

Battle, Convert, Fortify, Match, Recruit, Shuffle, Train, and Trap.

The hard one was "Shuffle" and as the name suggestions you transform ONE GROUP into ANOTHER (Many-to-many). This is GREAT because it allows you to modify an existing PARTY to the right combination of Heroes you may need.

It also makes other color cards more valuable. Meaning that before "Shuffle", you would have to rely on Convert (One-to-one) or Fortify (One-to-many). Now with "Shuffle" you can more easily transform from one set of cards to another set.

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Joined: 04/16/2011
An additional thought

I did TRY some of your suggestions like "stacking" cubes and making a pyramid too... It's just that although many of the suggestions for mini-games were COOL, they didn't FIT with the game itself.

Of course I know what Tic-Tac-Toe is ... And yeah often stalemates occur... But figuring out who's cubes belong to whom... Anyways you get the idea.

I think the present eight (8) Actions/Mechanics suit the game... And although some seem similar with "tighter restrictions" it just means more possibilities and more "card play". Making all the cards more VALUABLE when playing.

Who knows, maybe I'll add two (2) Holo-Foils to make a pack of twelve (12) cards. Yeah that $0.86 extra per pack. My strategy is to ONLY offer common cards as Holo-Foils ATM. Maybe then AFTERWARDS I can make my OWN "Secret Lairs" bundles of the Holo-Foils of Uncommon, Rare, Mythic and Legendary cards!

Hahaha... Just kidding (actually I am not!) Cheers all...

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I imagine as mini games, you

I imagine as mini games, you means something like the original "Space Cadets" game. Personally, I did not like the game much.

I prefered the duelling "space cadet" game that streamlined all the mechanics with dices.

Not sure if it could help, but take a look a classic ancient games, it could be used or adapted as mini games. (for example: 3 men moris is a variation of tic-tac-toe)

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Joined: 04/16/2011
Hmm... Cool beans!

I've never heard of "Space Cadet" or "Space Cadet: Dice Duel" (the streamlined version with the dice).

Also "3 men moris" is an amazing SMALL game... Which is much BETTER than pure Tic-Tac-Toe. But I think it's play-time is LONGER. But I'd imagine that there are NO STALEMATES in "3 men moris"!

I've already done a lot of thinking about the game and its mechanics. And to me, it is very clear that the eight (8) mechanics that I currently have will no doubt be the ones for the game. I already listed them all ... And for the most part they are slight variations of the convert mechanic with different inputs and outputs.

But thanks for sharing... That was really cool to LEARN! You're always very insightful @larienna!

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